BREAKING NEWS: Herman Cain Announces Presidential Exploratory Committee (UPDATED: VIDEO)

Herman Cain has just announced on Neil Cavuto’s ‘Your World’ that he is forming a presidential exploratory committee to see whether there is enough support and financial backing for a run at the White House. Video to follow!!!!

Obama Backs China’s Growth

(Editor’s Note: For Monster readers that may be wondering where the post on the debt commission’s proposal is; I’m reading it and will have something for you folks soon. At first glance, the commission is once again approaching the problem like doctors treating symptoms with meds instead of finding the underlying root causes of the … Read more Obama Backs China’s Growth

It’s All About The Ego Stupid!!!

Okay stupid moos, is there any question in your mind about why Chairman Zero turned down IBM CEO Samuel Palmisano’s offer to reduce the cost of healthcare by $900 BILLION DOLLARS? Mort Zuckerman won’t hazard a guess in this interview with Stuart Varney on ‘Your World’, but we all know why Obama turned it down. … Read more It’s All About The Ego Stupid!!!

AZ Doctor Scherzer Closing Practice Due To Obamacare

Neil Cavuto interviews Arizona dermatologist Dr. Joseph Scherzer about his plans to close his practice before Obamacare goes into full effect in 2014. Dr. Scherzer has a sign on the door of his practice stating: “If you voted for Obamacare, be aware that these doors will close before it goes into effect.” Dr. Scherzer details … Read more AZ Doctor Scherzer Closing Practice Due To Obamacare

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