Catherine Austin Fitts On Alex Jones, 8.24.2010

Catherine Austin Fitts On Alex Jones, 8.24.2010

(Editor’s Note: Strap-in folks; this is going to be a very merry little ride through the labyrinth that started with a simple “pay attention” set of videos from Alex Jones and Catherine Austin Fitts.)

Meet Catherine Austin Fitts, a former HUD assistant secretary, investment banker, and entrepreneur who holds a MBA from Wharton and no longer walks on the dark side. She is also the president of Solari, Inc., managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC, and publisher of the Solari Report. (Source: Wiki)

I heard Catherine’s name for the first time two weeks ago from a fellow patriot who was surprised that I did not know about Catherine’s accidental discovery of how narcotics re-investment dollars travel through the financial food chain destroying entire communities in what can only be described as ‘ethnic cleansing’.  Stop for a moment and think about the un-taxed profit margin on the illegal drug industry versus the regulated and taxed profit margin on legitimate products. Who has more money to spread around to make their agendas happen? (More about Catherine and narco dollars after her interview with Alex Jones.)

She has given numerous interviews over the years, and she covers becoming self-sufficient in preparation for the ‘coming global disasters’.  This a three part interview totaling 39 minutes.

Part 1:

Financial Coup d’Etat


If It Looks Like A Duck…

I know I am probably going to piss off quite a few readers because I just will not let this subject go; but this blog has always been about exploring all the stories, checking the evidence, and being open-minded.  I have already been labeled a conspiracy theorist, and I personally find that a bit offensive because  I am presenting information I find for the reader’s perusal.  I think I have only gotten on my soapbox once about the Pilgrims.

I have always had my theories about 9/11, and have not shared them other than to say that the official report does not make any sense.  The evidence, gathered by scientists worldwide, that continues to surface points to something completely different than said report; and that goes for the Pentagon and WTC 7.  I realized that something was greatly amiss when fighter jets were not scrambled immediately after the first plane went off course.

Yes, the FBI knew about the plan to fly plans into buildings back in 1995 when they obtained the information off of islamic jihadist’s computers in manila. (page 4)

H/T to Michelle for sending this French documentary along.  I believe you will be mesmerized by the evidence imparted and by the everyday people you will hear testimony from, (not to mention the scientists, pilots, air traffic controllers, firemen, businessmen, and the military).

If afterward, the perfect angle cuts on the struts of the twin towers, and the lack of debris at the Pentagon, (among other things), does not encourage you to consider that maybe the Bush administration had something to do with this so that they could pull us into Afghanistan and Iraq, and curtail our civil liberties with another bill they did not read, The Patriot Act, then I don’t know what will.  One more thing; can someone tell me what happened to American Airlines Flight 77?

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