Washington Bureau Chiefs Stand Behind Fox (UPDATED Bureau Chiefs)

What’s that saying; “don’t mess with a man who buys ink by the barrel”?  I still believe the White House war on Fox, and now the Cheney/Obama dustup over Afghanistan are both diversions to keep us from looking at what is really going on with the FCC and healthcare reform, (and God knows what else), but something has to be said for the courage of the Washington bureau chiefs that told the WH to stick it when Bambi’s juvenile crew tried to keep Fox from interviews with the “pay czar”.

Barry, better luck next time with your Saul Alinsky tactic of polarization of your enemy, and just for the record, the rest of us are not as compliant as the Congress.


Readers are wondering who the bureau chiefs are.  I will  updated this list as I find the info.  I am putting this info up with the disclaimer that I am not totally certain the bureau chiefs listed by Newswatch.org are current as they still had Tim Russert listed instead of Mark Whitaker.  On the other hand, Newswatch’s page has every phone number and email you could possible want to find out who you want to send thank you notes to.

NBC News: Mark Whitaker

Newswatch.org NETWORK/ CABLE TV

DC Bureau Chief Robin Sproul robin.sproul@abc.com 202-222-7200
Letters netaudr@abc.com
Anchor Peter Jennings peter.jennings@abc.com 212-456-4025
Executive Producer Paul Friedman paul.friedman@abc.com

CBS Washington Bureau
Address 2020 M St NW, Washington DC 20036
Tel 202-457-4321
Fax 202-659-2586
DC Bureau Chief Janet Leissner 202-457-4401

CNN Washington Bureau
Address 820 First St NE, Washington DC 20002
Tel 202-898-7900
Fax 202-898-7923
DC Bureau Chief Kathryn Kross
DC Booking Unit (Political) Jill Neff
jill.neff@turner.com 202-898-7926/7667 , Mark Allen

NBC Washington Bureau
Address 4001 Nebraska Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016
Tel 202-885-4200
Fax 202-362-2009
Letters world@msnbc.com
DC Bureau Chief Tim Russert tim.russert@nbc.com 202-885-4548

Fox Washington Bureau
Address 400 N Capitol St NW Washington, DC 20001
Tel 202-824-6300
Fax 202-824-6426
Letters comments@foxnews.com
DC Bureau Chief Kim Hume kim.hume@foxnews.com

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