Obama Turns Financial Reform Into A Political Fight

Mitch McConnell on Dodd’s 1336 page financial reform bill. As you may have already guessed, the Monster is totally against the Frank version and this version because it gives the government too much control over our money coming and going. The keywords here? Fannie and Freddie. Als0, the arbitrary decision making should make all Americans … Read more

The Executive Compensation Double Standard

How is it that the Obama administration can go after executive bonuses from Wall Street banks yet continue to give millions of dollars of our hard earned money to the executives of the two giants now currently on taxpayer funded life support? Hmmm? Ah, the double standard of Chicago politics… Geithner’s Gift to America—Unlimited Liabilities … Read more

Obama’s Bank Limits; Capitalists Are Already Working The Problem

I am absolutely sick to death of an administration and a government that actually thinks that they can fix the problems they created.  The insanity of allowing the District of Criminals to continue proposing legislation that will create even bigger problems than we have now is making my per day Advil intake increase.  At what … Read more

AYFKM? Obama: Limit Banks; Congress: Raise Debt Ceiling By Almost $2 TRILLION

Ah, the never-ending lunacy of the District of Criminals.  If the true purpose of Congress and the White House was to wake up every single American in order to vote out every incumbent not following the Constitution, they are going to get their wish with their continued fiscal insanity which threatens the very stability of … Read more

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