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Radio Interview With JQ: Tsunami Media Alert: The Trojan Horse At The Gate

An amazing number of people have viewed the Tsunami Media Alert: The Trojan Horse Is At The Gate...See What's Inside post and now you will have the opportunity to listen to the woman behind Wake Up America Movement and the research for "The Trojan Horse" and all the new legislation that is coming right behind this stimulus bill to absolutely bankrupt America.  Tune in; call in; and get involved! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wake Up America Movement Representative JQ, will be the guest this coming Tuesday on my radio show, “Let’s Get Real With Reuben Torres,” and will discuss "What To…
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WAKE UP AMERICA Bloggers Conference

I'm late, I'm late...for a very important date!  Somedays I am so far in the weeds.  What follows is the information for a Wake Up America Tele-Event this evening and a very special invitation to all bloggers.  Please take a moment to read thru it and then jump to the next section about Tsunami Media! Wake Up America Movement REFORM MEDIA & REFORM WASHINGTON FINAL TELE-EVENT OF 2008 WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 10 8 PM ET Don't miss out on this major presentation and discussion of W.A.M. Strategy for the Coming Year! This announcement includes a revealing forward (below) sent out to…
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Calling All Americans: Want To Stomp The Media?

Okay kids - here's your chance to get involved with a grassroots organization that wants to reform government and give the Media the stomping they deserve.  If you want to sign up at Wake Up America, go here. MEDIA REFORM TELE-EVENT Tuesday 8 PM to 9 PM ET    November 25 All aware Americans know that Mainstream Media  is now the tail wagging the dog. Biased commentary, censorship and ‘spinning’’ information, filling the airwaves through 2008, stacked the deck with voters who still don’t know the facts of this election. If we don’t take action now, we can expect this disinformation campaign…
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Time to get moving folks!  Go to Wake Up America and Sign up to fight this socialist that is trying to take over the American Dream and tell you how he is going to spend your money! Blog the link to this post everywhere you can.  An Obama Regime must be stopped.  I have spent the last 5 days knee deep in research from some of the best PUMAs and NOBAMAs that shows the radical socialist associates and philosophy of this candidate going back at least 23 years.  Look for an upcoming post VERY SOON! Joe The Plumber has something…
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