Obama’s Debt Commission: ‘More Taxes’

Here it comes; an added 6.5% ‘consumption’ sales taxes on top of the income tax to feed the government’s credit card furnished by the Federal Reserve.  Americans were not stupid enough to believe Chairman Zero’s debt commission was going to do anything resembling the tenets of the Constitution and cut federal overreach and spending; just … Read more Obama’s Debt Commission: ‘More Taxes’

Obama Does Another Fake On The VAT

We did not want the bailouts, the takeover of the car companies, the porkulus, the budget, and healthcare because we knew we could not afford it. They passed these immense amounts of spending anyway; “because they had to”. Now Barry is attempting to be ‘not-so-much’ for something before he crams this down our throats right after healthcare.

We must flip this congress and neuter this Europe emulating freak before he plunges us into a morass that we will have a very hard time extricating ourselves from.  Do not let yourselves be led astray when they say this new VAT is to pay off the deficit or the debt.  How many times have they lied to us in the past?  It is just another revenue stream.

Read moreObama Does Another Fake On The VAT

Genius Volker Talking About A VAT Coming Our Way

Did we or DID WE NOT discuss this some months ago? December 11, 2009: Here Comes The VAT Tax March 21, 2010: Charles Krauthammer On Passage Of Obamacare; National Sales Tax March 23, 2010: Charles Krauthammer, 3.23.2010: Obamacare And The VAT Paul Volker is expecting a European VAT and a Carbon Tax to be put … Read more Genius Volker Talking About A VAT Coming Our Way

Here Comes The VAT Tax

Start your engines.  Nancy was talking about a Value Added Tax months ago and today the New York Times has released what appears to be the trial balloon article showing congress’ reluctance to have a VAT, but who may be forced to impose one because of out of control government spending, the $2.5 Trillion Senate … Read more Here Comes The VAT Tax

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