Why, Exactly, Is US Central Command Creating And Overseeing A Private Saudi Security Force?

The special security force is expected to grow to at least 35,000 members, trained and equipped by U.S. personnel as part of a multiagency effort that includes staff from the Justice Department, Energy Department and Pentagon. It is overseen by the U.S. Central Command.

Something about US Central Command building and overseeing an elite force in Saudi Arabia really bothers me on the globalist chessboard meter.  I find it interesting that this story came out the same day that Chairman Zero threw Israel to the wolves.  I also had not realized that the United States has divvied the world up into seven theaters of operation as the image from Centcom’s site shows.  See what happens when one chases the bankers?

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Another Case Of “Don’t Like Outcome? Change The Rules”

This would be entertaining to watch if it was not so apparent how dangerous Team O’s ideology is.  Let us not fall to the same arrogance and hubris that the current administration suffers from. Justice Department to appeal dismissal of Blackwater indictment, Biden says BAGHDAD — The Justice Department will appeal the dismissal of an … Read more

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