Stupid Or Flipping America The Bird? (Updated)

(Dammit Janet, where is that Protocol Coach?) I saw this photograph awhile back and so much was happening that I did not make much of it then, but the question today would be: "Are the Obamas stupid or are they flipping the American People and our Founding Fathers the bird?" What say you? (...and don't they look absolutely thrilled to be listening to the National Anthem instead of dancing with Earth, Wind, and Fire, and eating Kobe beef?) UPDATE: I am searching for the original photo to see if this is the most incredibly photochopped image every made.  Guess What? …
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Nancy Realizes That 2010 Is Important (Updated)

(Update: Please see the additional article after this initial email from the inciter.) Nancy is living in her own special version of "my little pony world", and I wish that enough Californians would wake up and kick her butt to the curb.  Once again, she is sending out letters begging for money because we are all lying about Obama and wreaking havoc in the nation.  She thinks the left needs to restore "civility", while I just attended the largest gathering of Americans where not one person was arrested, and where I did not hear one harsh word spoken.  I just…
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What IS The Agenda?

I have spent the last 2 1/2 days getting ready for a hurricane tropical storm that can't seem to decide how big and what path it is actually going to take.  I have also not been writing because I have been watching, and background processing, and the only question that keeps coming up over and over again is, "What IS the agenda of the democrats and this WH?" Nobody could possibly be so stupid as to attack the American public unless they want to achieve an outcome they already know is coming. Something about all of this reeks of "timing".…
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