TSA Documents Use The Word ‘Corral’

Readers have probably seen this post about a US Rep. Ralph Hall’s grand-niece having her breasts exposed at LAX by TSA but what I found more interesting is that in the TSA internal documents the word “corral” is used (and the fact that this happened in March, 2010).  Yes folks, they have always looked at us as sheep, have been using the terminology for years, and this is not about terrorist attacks; it’s about population re-education, submission, and control using the weakest and most defenseless to train you to accept. 

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Alex Jones On Ron Paul’s New TSA Bill and More Corporate Owned Moo Conditioning

Alex Jones on Sandy DeWitt being thrown off a US Airways flight for taking a photograph of a flight attendant’s name tag:

You don’t do that. You’re a prisoner and you are going to learn that because men in caves had NORAD stand down and their passports magically survived the World Trade Center fire and Building 7 fell on it’s own, and the Easter Bunny flew around on a magic carpet at the same time as well, and so now you’re not going to take photos.

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Ron Paul On America Waking Up To The Tyranny, 6.28.2011

Alex Jones has a twenty minute interview with Dr. Ron Paul covering the continued recession, the economic terrorism happening here and in Greece, the dollar losing it’s reserve status, the debt limit, the defaults our country has had in the past, the TSA, the undeclared wars we are involved in that are contributing to our debt, AND the media bias against Dr. Paul in his presidential campaign.

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The Doctrine Of Nullification

With the amount of media-hyped news pablum that common-sense Americans have to wade through everyday, is it any wonder that a little known political doctrine based on resolutions from Thomas Jefferson and James Madison is only getting negative attention from the globally owned and fascist driven drive-by media?  This article is one way to further that information and hopefully answer the overriding question that Americans have; that being “How do we stop the leviathon that the federal government has become?”  One word; Nullification.

I urge my readers to watch the following two videos, check out the related website links, and make the decision for yourself as to whether you believe the Tenth Amendment Center has the key in the ‘Doctrine of Nullification’, and whether you are tired of being called an extremist for not wanting TSA to grope your children or the Fed to devalue your money.

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