Can We Impeach Obama Yet?; Los Zetas Drug Traffickers Seize Texas Ranches (UPDATED)

Update #3:  Michelle Malkin has the story that no ranches have been seized but there are gun battles on the border. UPDATE #2: Fox News report of the State Department issuing a travel warning for three border cities. Watch the latest video at On June 30th, shots were fired in Juarez and they hit the El Paso court house, and the Obamas were partying the night away.  Now the Los Zetas drug cartel has seized two ranches in the Laredo, Texas area in their continuing invasion of America.  Thankfully the ranchers were allowed to evacuate their property without harm,…
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Democrats Applaud Themselves Raising The Debt Ceiling By Almost $2 Trillion

Democrats APPLAUD the raising of the debt ceiling by almost $2 TRILLION DOLLARS.  AYFKM? Debt limit measure clears hurdle House Democrats advanced a $1.9 trillion debt limit increase Thursday. The 217-212 procedural vote clears the way for a vote later this afternoon that will increase the nation’s debt ceiling to roughly $14.3 trillion. No Republicans voted for the procedural motion, and more than two dozen Democrats voted against it. Once approved, the measure raising the debt limit, approved by the Senate last week, will go to president's desk as soon as the House clears a statutory pay-as-you-go measure that aims…
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