Timothy Geithner

H.R. 4172: The Liberals Do Not Get To Have Their Cake And Eat It Too!

Yes, It's Real!  Zero Penalty Rate for Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program ala Timmie Geithner's IRS penalty. When I first read this bill, I laughed so hard I cried, and my son was concerned that I had just completely gone around the bend. Then, I thought, they are spending our money to put forth legislation like H.R. 4172. I cannot decide whether this is a good investment or a bad one considering it will never get out of committee, but I am all for not giving the IRS any more money or power, anything that shows TurboTax Timmie to be the…
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Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) Asks TurboTax Timmie Geithner To Step Down

Come on down Timmie! Come on down to the Price Will Be Right! Have I ever mentioned how much I DETEST TurboTax Timmie? He ain't stupid bubba; it's all part of the plan. Rep. Brady: Poll after poll shows the public has lost confidence in this president's ability to handle the economy.  For the sake of our jobs, will you step down from your post?
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Barney; What Is Messing With Your Groove On Financial Regulatory Reform?

History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance. - James Madison ******** Now it's the government's turn - but this ain't your founding fathers' government. - The Monster ******** So what's up with Barney Frank's, "let's kill off private enterprise especially in the area of financial institutions" freight train.  What happened to "we are trying on every front to increase the role of government" mantra? What happened to the "shareholders will be wiped out" with a look of…
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Barney Frank’s Impending Legislation

I am waiting and watching for what Barney and Timmie have up their  sleeves now, but we have a hint of what is coming Thursday, and I am sure the banks are REALLY not going to like this.  I know that, as a little person, giving this government any more power is more than a bit psychotic. US Treasury backs plan for banks to make 'living wills' in case of collapse In a move mirroring regulations being discussed in the UK, the Obama administration will this week back plans by the House of Representative's Financial Services committee to introduce a…
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