Beck Is Right About The Progressives

Beck Is Right About The Progressives

Think Progress is having a moment this morning with this particular article.  I also think that TP may not understand how many middle of the road Americans were incensed with George Bush and all the shenanigans surrounding 9.11 and the Patriot Act.  It’s been decades since we had a real ‘American’ president.

Beck calls Bush a ‘progressive,’ says Obama is doing ‘exactly’ the same thing.

The tea party movement is staunchly opposed to big government and deficits, but right-wing activists and their supporters have been unable to explain awaythe fact that former President Bush, not their nemesis President Obama, is responsible for the majority of the current deficit, not to mention the greatly expanded size of the federal government. Fox News host Glenn Beck offered a convenient explanation on his radio show today — Bush is a “progressive,” just like Obama:


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