Michelle Malkin On Washington Pointing A Gun To Our Heads

Sean Hannity interviewing Michelle Malkin about the debt ceiling¬†thievery circus (7.27.2011). This particular video is a few days old but incredibly succinct about the tea party’s true position on the debt ceiling increase and the bi-partisan sham that is coming out of the district of criminals.

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AYFKM?: Ready To Have Your 401(k) Seized To Bailout Union Pensions?

(UPDATE: 10.14.2010, Law firms based in the District of Criminals are coming out of the woodwork and reading this post. Everybody wave!!) Fascism is alive and well in the District of Criminals.¬† Fascism is the only way to describe a federal government so full of themselves that they believe seizing Americans’ 401(k)s is perfectly acceptable; … Read more

Glenn Beck, 7.23.2010: Ignoring The Elephant In The Room

Glenn starts this show with his apologies for all his jokes this week. He also speaks about the 17 minute monologue from yesterday in which he covers the new financial reform law and how the media isn’t paying attention to it; they are paying attention to Glenn’s jokes.

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