Glenn Beck, 2.10.2010: 20 Financial Time Bombs & The 1920’s Depression

NEWSFLASH: Al Gore and RFK are missing since the snow storms have hit the east coast. Al-ber Alert!!! Wait until you see just how stupid Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC is while talking about how global warming is creating the snow storms. (This stupid hick just figured out how smart I actually am.)

Glenn then breaks down the financial problems that Americans are actually facing using real math and real numbers.

Part 2, The 20 Financial Time Bombs and Social Security in the red:

Part 3, the stimulus package that has not been spent and our debt:

Part 4, the collapse of the dollar:

Part 5, Ben Sherwood of The Survivor’s Club:

Part 6, Ben Sherwood Continued:

Part 7, Iran and tomorrow’s ‘punch’:

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