The New Party

Glenn Beck Finally Talks About The Working Families Party

How many of the newbies have read the "Socialism" series that I posted back in October, 2008?  Here are the relevant excerpts from Part 3: Enter “The New Party”.  For those of you that don’t know that this party has since been dissolved; it has moved to New York and is now The Working Families Party using fusion election voting.  WFP is a front group for ACORN.  That’s convenient isn’t it?  Is everybody starting to see how far the roots of the poison tree actually go? Endorsement by the New Party: In 1995 Barack Obama sought the endorsement of the…
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Barack Obama and “The New Party”

In 1996, during his Illinois Senate run, Barack Obama was a member of The New Party, a group of socialists trying to infiltrate the Democratic Party.  What most people do not know is that the New Party was dissolved.  The remaining fragments moved from Chicago to New York and became.........wait for it............The Working Families by a high up member of ACORN.......and they use the fusion electoral process.  More on that in Part III of Obama's American Socialism....stay tuned. Now......Bonniebbonnets: Whisper
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