G. Edward Griffin On ‘Occupy Wall Street’ And Ending The Federal Reserve (UPDATED)

G. Edward Griffin explaining why he believes the elites are supporting communists and socialists by starting with the true definitions of ‘being wealthy’, old ‘free market’ capitalism and new ‘monopoly’ capitalism.  He also explains why most of the kids currently protesting on Wall Street and across the country do not realize what a free market actually is, and how money today is made by ‘political maneuvering’ and  favoritism; NOT FREE ENTERPRISE.  He then continues Americans’ education about the private banking cartel known as The Federal Reserve System.  Go here for Mr. Griffin’s full lecture on ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’.  (Editor’s Note: Most people do not know that for the first time in history, all world currencies are fiat currencies.  It will take an entire global financial default and reboot to fix what these pirates have done.  If you are not ready for it, your goose will be cooked.)

Universal Serfdom with G. Edward Griffin 1/2

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America Has Not Gone ‘Soft’, It Has Been LOOTED!

While political pundits are spouting off about how the pResident shouldn’t be blaming America, many folks are missing the point (including Chairman Zero). America hasn’t gotten soft; it’s been looted by the very same banking cartel, special interests, and crony capitalists that have been steering the economy for decades by bribing the political class and turning America into a nanny state. Now the economy has been completely decimated and those very same forces are trying to keep the bubbles they have created from popping because they went too far and they are about to lose all their money.

From FedUpUSA.org:

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Ron Paul At Republican Leadership Conference, 6.17.2011 (Full Video)

Ron Paul has won the straw poll at the RLC this weekend (yet again), but is being glossed over by the globalists’ pick, Rick Perry.

Ron Paul’s entire speech covering numerous points and is, once again, right on the money.

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FreedomWatch, 4.6.2011: Empire Of America (The Fed)

Lies the government tells you including the $3.3 Trillion lie the Federal Reserve was forced to disclose about bailouts to just about everybody on the planet. The Judge interviews Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich about the new docs that have been released and also speaks to Stuart Varney (among other guests) about the TARP program … Read more

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