GOP Orlando Presidential Debate, Ron Paul At LPAC, & Thaddeus McCotter On Saving Social Security

GOP Orlando Presidential Debate, Ron Paul At LPAC, & Thaddeus McCotter On Saving Social Security

Ron Paul keeps winning straw poll after debate poll, but all you hear about is Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and those crazy Paul supporters who are so very passionate about their candidate.  Wake up America and stop rolling over for the big money owned media who continues to feed you globalists and RINOs who are bleeding the country dry.

The next debate will be tonight in Orlando, Florida at 9 pm eastern (watch it here), and it should be a rather lively group including Newt, Ron, and the Barbie Twins; Mitt and Rick.  The other candidate that should be there and is not is Thaddeus McCotter who has a new plan to save Social Security.  (Look for that audio below Dr. Paul’s speech at LPAC.) (more…)

Thaddeus McCotter To Join Republican Presidential Race

Thaddeus McCotter To Join Republican Presidential Race

This should be interesting…

Thaddeus McCotter is about to liven up the republican presidential race with his dry sense of humor, astute intelligence, and massive vocabulary.  I personally have not done enough research on Mr. McCotter to know if he is a dyed-in-the-wool Constitutional conservative, a globalist, a social conservative, or a RINO, but we will all be finding out more about this guitar playing, Led Zeppelin quoting, able to verbally ‘grind Obama to porch’ speaker in the near future. (more…)

Thaddeus McCotter At SRLC

I know this is quite a bit late, but Thaddeus McCotter’s speeches are always worthy of the time invested.
Thaddeus McCotter speaking at the SRLC:


Thaddeus McCotter: “So This Is What Change Looks Like”

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter’s remarks concerning the passage of Obamacare:

So this is what change looks like. If he were here, Mr. Speaker, in this time of momentous national distress, I would remind the President of the United States that he is not the leader of a party or an ideology; he is the leader of our country—one founded, not to emulate others, but to inspire the world.

As families lose their jobs, their homes, and their dreams for their children; as our troops fight and sacrifice in foreign fields for our liberty and security, President Obama’s obsessive-compulsive pursuit of an abominable government takeover of health care has defied the public’s objections, despoiled this, “The People’s House,” and further alienated Americans from their representative government.

As President Obama’s campaign mantra of “hope and change” has degenerated into “tax and hate,” reputable surveys prior to this vote report: the public overwhelmingly thinks that the U.S. Government is broken. Only 21 percent of the public thinks it is being governed with its consent. Only 26 percent of the public trusts the Federal Government most of the time or always; 56 percent of Americans think the Federal Government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedom of ordinary citizens; 70 percent believe the government and big business typically work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors; and 71 percent of Americans think the Federal Government is a special interest.

In the wake of this health care debate’s despicable, dysfunctional process and product, it is clear: The most dangerous special interest is Big Government and President Obama is its lobbyist.

In contrast to Americans’ faith in themselves, every major piece of legislation proffered by the President and his Democratic Congress expands and empowers Big Government at the expense of the people.  Possessed of a smug, cynical, patronizing view of Americans as dependents desiring State benefits, this arrogant administration and its enablers have defied the American people and bi-partisan opposition in Congress to unilaterally jam through a trillion-dollar government takeover of health care.

Why? For so many Americans, the answer is that this President and his Democratic Congress think they are smarter than you; want to run your life; and want to make government your ruler, not your servant.

Such hubris threatens not only our health care system but it tears the social fabric and political contract of our Nation. Instead of working for a more perfect Union, the President’s ideological obstinacy exacerbated the disorder and divisions within our Nation, and wrought a crisis of consent—one that puts America’s exceptional experiment in human freedom and self-government on the precipice of implosion.

To do so the President has the power, but not the right. Thus he has merely scored a Pyrrhic victory over the American people. Ultimately, his government-run medicine scheme will be repealed and replaced with free- market, patient-centered wellness, because America’s strength and salvation remains her free people, not a person.

And this November, America’s sovereign citizens will remind the President and his Democratic Congress that We the People do not work for government; the government works for us.

No, the President and his Democratic Congress will not break us beneath Big Government. Devoted to our freedom and a more perfect Union, we will keep the faith, trust the public, calm the times, and heal our country.

Thaddeus McCotter: “ShamWow Summit”

Thaddeus McCotter has a message for both republicans and democrats – don’t attend Obama’s summit; it’s an infomercial.  Rep. McCotter has quite a few thoughts on the summit’s ‘unfortunate misuse of congressional time and energy’.  He has a great explanation for Americans’ cynicism surrounding Congress, and quotes the Rasmussen Poll which states that only 21% of Americans believe that they are being governed with their consent.

They think that politicians and government is a special interest, and what they are very afraid of is that more politicking, more posturing, more preening, as opposed to actually admitting that either you can agree to something, if not, take it to an election, and get down to the issue of the economy or something where you can agree.

Mr. McCotter may not be watching, but unfortunately we will…

Thaddeus McCotter At CPAC

For all those fans of Thaddeus McCotter who speaks eloquently about the conservative movement, and the GOP’s past mistakes.  He also points out how the Democratic Party is the “party of no”.

Actor and Director, Robert Davi introduced Mr. McCotter, video here.

America Has Been Targeted For The Sin Of Being Free

My readers know that I am impressed with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), not only for his values, but for the unusual amount of little grey cells firing on all cylinders inside a District Of Criminals’ representative’s cranium.  (Now that could change if McCotter has a “Come To Obama” moment and throws over his moral compass.)

Rep. McCotter gave a speech at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend regarding the military and their families.  Although I believe that a shadowy group of figures are moving chess pieces on a global board to gain control of all the dwindling resources in the world, (with the control of human labor), I do agree that we are despised by certain governments because we give their people hope of overthrowing their oppressors.  What interesting events may occur on the global stage when we clean out the District of Criminals and start an American Renaissance?

More On Thaddeus McCotter

It’s been an interesting day doing a bit of digging on Michigan’s Rep. Thaddeus McCotter with some wild swings of opinion about the congressman, and a pathetic statement of what is happening in Washington and the need to clean house.

The American Spectator had a great piece up today about McCotter’s views on everything from Reagan, our current wars, and the protests in Iran.  Take the time to read the entire piece.

Guitar Man

McCOTTER’S VISION EXTENDS FAR BEYOND his congressional district, however. He methodically walks through a five-point summary of the fundamental principles he says should guide the Republican Party: “Our liberty is from God not the government; our sovereignty rests in our souls not the soil; our security is through strength not surrender; our prosperity is from the private sector not the public sector; and our truths are self-evident, not relative.”

He has a similarly comprehensive view of the challenges facing the nation. “In their time, the Greatest Generation surmounted four transformational challenges: the social, economic, and political upheavals of industrialization; a global war against evil enemies; the Soviet Union’s strategic threat and rival model of governance; and whether the self-evident truths our nation is based on applied to everyone without regard to race,” McCotter says, without once saying “um” or pausing to collect his thoughts. “In our time, we must face and transcend four transformational challenges: the social, economic, and political upheavals of globalization; a global war against evil enemies; Communist China’s strategic threat and rival model of governance; whether we remain a nation based on self-evident truths or moral relativism.”

I was shocked when I found out that McCotter is the congressman behind the HAPPY Act that would give Americans a $3,500 tax credit for their domestic pets.  Yep, totally shocked until I found this video stating that it is a way to get more money back in the pockets of Americans and out of the hands of government (1:50).  Sad and pathetic that our elected leaders have to resort to such tax breaks to run around a federal government and IRS hell bent on massive wealth redistribution that will reduce everyone to a state of poverty.  Somewhat interesting that the tax credit is approximately what increased costs in health care premiums are slated to be.

Too Dangerously Stupid To Serve, Or Just Plain LYING?

Ah, the audacity of the spin that occurs on Sunday news shows that spotlight politicians and their bills.

I am absolutely convinced that either the Senate has a completely different version of the health care bill from the one they posted last week, or they are too dangerously stupid to serve because they do not have all the facts, or they ARE LYING.  Which one is it?

The following video has more than one instance where I am scratching my head trying to decide which of the three options really should apply.  What follows is a couple of examples of the “stupid or lying” question.  I guess one would have to look at the IQ of the person making the statements, now wouldn’t one?

Fox News Sunday – This bill Is A Fraud On The American People

Senator Debbie Stabenow boldly made this statement on Fox New Sunday today:

…what we’re doing is for the the first time making sure women have maternity care and actually have mammograms covered.”

That sounds great but what about this from a 11.20.09; the day BEFORE Stabenow voted for this bill and two days before she unzipped her head, took out her brain, and stuck it in the glovebox of her car before entering the studio:

The Fate of Lady Parts in the Senate Bill

Reid’s merged Senate bill left out part of an amendment that Barbara Mikulski had successfully introduced into the Senate HELP legislation, which requires insurance companies to include women’s preventative services as part of all minimum benefit packages, for little or no cost. Mikulski argued that women of child-bearing age end up paying an average of 68 percent more in out-of-pocket costs, partly due to reproductive health needs, and often ended up delaying or forgoing care (like mammograms) because of the expense. The provision—which was in neither the House nor Finance Committee legislation—was slated to be in Reid’s bill this week, but “CBO decided at the last minute there was a problem and it was removed until that is resolved,” Mikulski spokesperson Rachel MacKnight said in an email today.

The problem, according to sources familiar with the issue, was that the Mikulski’s amendment wasn’t specific enough in terms of how it would determine which services would be covered, simply saying that it would be it up to the discretion of HHS to set the guidelines for coverage. As such, the provision was so broad that CBO ended up having to give it a very high—i.e. expensive—score, and Reid ended up leaving the language out of the bill.

According to MacKnight, Reid and Mikulski “are working on a solution to include her amendment” and strengthen provisions for women’s preventative services in the final bill. But given the tempest surrounding the new mammography recommendations—along with today’s news about Pap smears—this might not be an easy task. In all of the bills, HHS uses the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force serve as a basic guide to determine what should be covered at little or no cost as part of a minimum benefits package.

So which policy position is it?  Women receive basic health care OR NOT?  Dangerously stupid or just lying?

Who’s Next? Arlen Specter.  Where do I start because not only is he telling bald faced lies, his last statement makes no sense.  Term limits anyone?

Listen Chris, the real issue here is whether we are going to have governance?

We have the opposition refusing to admit that there’s any problem with health care.

…refusing to admit there’s any problem with global warming.

…refusing to take a stand on the economic crisis.

So the question really here is, let’s take up the amendments one at a time.  If the amendments offered by anyone are good, but, the one option which is not present, in my judgement, is the option of doing nothing.

What does Arlen mean by “are we going to have governance”?  I have no clue exactly what he is trying to say, considering once again, the definition of governance is probably two different things.  This congress stopped attempting to pretend to listen to us when Barack, The Magic Shapeshifter was installed in the White House.

As for Arlen’s comments about his republican colleagues not admiting or taking a stand on issues, here are some examples of republicans refuting his statements from earlier in the year and last year.
Dr. Price on the Republican Plan, 8.11.09: (starting at 2:20)

Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) on the economy, global warning, debt and the deficit, 7.24.09.  Please watch the whole video because this guy is sharp and articulate:

The Real Message About Democrat Healthcare Plan From Ron Paul:

Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) on the vote for or against T.A.R.P.” 9.30.2008

My #1 problem with the democratic health care bill  is that it starts taxing us immediately for services not to be provided until 2014!  At least with a burial plot, you KNOW it’s going to be there when you need it.

How STUPID are we if we allow these congressman and senators to continue to chow down on the whole hog when there may not be a viable American economy left in 2014.  How stupid are we to continue to pay our taxes when they vote FOR Trillion dollar bills that we have specifically targeted, and melted their phones, fax, and email lines of communication over, and  then do whatever they think is best according to their party’s idealogy? What happens when the asset bubble bursts, the economy crashes, and there is no more tax revenue for them to abscond?

I know….I’m beating a dead horse here; just wanted to figure out where the spin ends and lies start.

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