Texas Woman Arrested For Asking To See The Warrant For Her Child

Nope, we are not living under the jackboot of the KGB with the required accompanying abuse of power….not at all.  Move along ya stupid moos, nothing to see here… (via Infowars.com) Police arrest woman after request to see warrant Slaton police came to this woman’s house, who wishes to remain anonymous, to arrest her son. … Read more

New WhiteHouse.gov Petition: Strip The Citizenship From Everyone Who Signed A Petition…etc., etc., etc.

Just as a preface to the petition that this post is about, three days ago, I wrote this piece about the beginning of the petition movement on WhiteHouse.gov for states to peacefully secede from the union:

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Louisiana Residents Petition White House To Secede From Nation (Or Globalist Re-Education For The Win) UPDATED!!

(Look for the update about Texas and Missouri at the bottom of the post)

I’ll have you know that it took quite some time to stop laughing (and then stop shaking my head) after I read this petition on WhiteHouse.gov (linked from Drudge).  Here are the screenshots of the petition because seeing is believing.  (Dumbing down and globalist re-education of Americans FOR THE WIN!)

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AYFKM?: Another President From Texas (UPDATE: Perry To Run)

The last two presidents from Texas Did.Not.Do.Enough.Damage? And now Texas GOP operatives are pushing Perry to run for the republican nomination because you stupid moos aren’t happy with the choices they have given you up to this point.


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