South Dakota; Fifth State To Pass Firearms Freedom Act

One by one, the states are enacting legislation that pushes back the federal government's encroachment on states' rights.  South Dakota joins Montana, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming in passing a firearms freedom act, and Virginia has passed a law making it illegal to federally mandate health insurance.  35 more states have legislation on the floor or in the pipeline following Virginia's lead. Does the Obama team care?  NOPE.  Why should they?  'They won!', and we are just a bunch of deaf, dumb, and blind right-wing domestic terrorists who need health care explained just one more time in a simple pamphlet. 5th…
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Wyoming Joins 3 Other States In Firearms Freedom Act

This IS the time to be protecting the 2nd amendment with a government gone wild and a congress on the verge of unconstitutional acts.  Reconciliation? Skipping Reconciliation? 36 Czars? Executive Orders Gone Wild? If this government wants people to relax on protecting the 2nd amendment, maybe they should stop acting like dictators. Wyoming Passes Firearms Freedom Act The Wyoming State Senate, on a 30-0 vote, this week passed HB95, the Firearms Freedom Act. Wyoming  joins Tennessee, Utah and Montana in exercising their Tenth Amendmment, or “state sovereignty” rights. The bill states in part: A personal firearm, a firearm action or…
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