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…if you are experiencing problems with the new page.  If you are still running Internet Explorer, the page will load slower, and if you are running IE 6.0 – it probably won’t load at all.  I suggest going to Mozilla and downloading Firefox because it is just a better browser! Mahalo, Diamond

Update on “What Happened To My Blog?”

As reported earlier, The Monster is having technical difficulties (since upgrade) only when seen using Internet Explorer.  I have not received any reports of missing sidebars or post text in other browsers, and have found numerous articles saying the IE is the browser that has the most problems when viewing pages because IE “likes to … Read more Update on “What Happened To My Blog?”

Upgrades and Technical Difficulties

Aloha all… After doing a check, I am finding that my site is looking and acting weird.  I just upgraded again and obviously it is not working properly. Please excuse the mess as I track down the source of the problem…. Many Mahalos, Diamond UPDATE:  If you are running Internet Explorer, you are probably not … Read more Upgrades and Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties

For those of my readers that are experiencing technical difficulties when on my site, please rest assured that I am working on the upgrade problem with WordPress. Stay tuned…. UPDATE:  I do believe that I may have the problems corrected, but please leave a comment on this post if you are experiencing trouble viewing the … Read more Technical Difficulties

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