AYFKM?: Who Are The Real Financial Terrorists?

In yesterday’s commentary, I pointed out that the name calling starting with ‘racists’ to ‘astroturf‘ to ‘domestic terrorists’ to ‘radicals and extremists‘ to ‘hobbits‘ was not going to make one iota of difference to tea party patriots who don’t give a flying rat’s a** what the left, the right, and the political elite call us because we are trying to keep our children from being sold down the river by those very same greed-driven pirates.  I pointed out that the political class were going to have to do better with the name calling.  Enter ‘financial terrorists’ (and our reaction is….yawn…whatever…we’ll still be here waiting you bastards out when it all comes tumbling down…and rest assured it will; one can only loot an entire world’s population for so long.)

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The District of Criminals Does Not Comprehend That The Tea Party Just Kicked Over The Chessboard (UPDATED)

According to WSJ, John McCain and Reuters, tea party freshmen congressmen are to blame for the debt ceiling impasse.

Ah…., DUH??????????????  And this is a bad thing?  According to who?  The Banking Pirates and Trough Feeding Politicos?

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Ron Paul: “Bankruptcy Is Here”

I am still waiting for my readers who aren’t very happy with Ron Paul to respond with the exact reasons why they do not prefer him to the rest of the GOP candidates who are running around paying lip service to his message without the thirty year commitment backing them. Monster readers have to know by now that the ponzi scheme has reached it’s zenith and we are now bracing for the downside of the rollercoaster ascent this government and the private banking cartel has taken us on for decades. Dr. Paul understands that we are done, our goose has been cooked by people who stole trillions from us and the only way to fix this is to do the reboot or continue to suffer with more federal reserve note printing and inflation.  The time to pay the piper has come…

What’s it gonna be?

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