Hawaii? You are not alone; pull over, park your car and join us!!! These videos deliver the message through patriot interviews of local Kailua-Kona residents. Remember, we can see November from our houses!

Part 2:



(H/T Twana of Patriots For America)

My two favorites signs from this video of the Tax Day Tea Party in Washington, D.C. today.

and #2:

Karl Denninger of MarketTicker(go over there at least once a day!!!)

Michele Bachmann:

Ron Paul speaking at the rally:

Steve King:

Charles Payne in Richmond, Virginia:

Tea Party Infiltrator (Denver). I laughed my butt off over this guy and the tea party patriots’ ready response to him.

Various assorted videos from different cities across the country:
Denver, Colorado
Raleigh, North Carolina
St. Louis, Missouri
Chicago, Illinois
Pontiac, Michigan
Medina, Ohio
Grand Prairie, Texas
Kansas City, Kansas
Charleston, South Carolina
Jacksonville, Florida

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Janeane Garofalo

What a surprise is in store for Janeane from all of us racist, mentally disfunctional, illiterate, sub-prime intellect, Klan members who know nothing about history.

That’s the second time this week I and my spousal unit have been called a racist, and I predict it will not be the last time.  Massively funny, considering he is a Native American.  I am thinking that Janeane’s career is on hold and she is looking for some face time to get it back on track.  How many of you think that Janeane knows about the Pilgrims Society or Jekyll Island?

Enjoy this video; don’t get your panties in a bunch though.  This is a perfect example of what I stated yesterday; the anti-tea party people are in the bottom half of the class.  The United States is in trouble because of the 47% (including Janeane) that think that socialism is perfectly A-okay.  The most ironic moment comes when I think about everything the tea party attendees are doing to save Janeane’s right to free speech…

P.S. Janeane? I have been an indie voter for 25 years.

Glenn Beck and The San Antonio Tax Day Tea Party




“The Democrats Suck!….however no more than The Republicans Suck!”

Adolph Hitler Fascist Dictator Award Goes To Ray Gonzales of Burleson, Texas

UPDATE: Letter From Mayor Shetter to MsPlacedDemocrat 4/3/09

Go Here for an update on this post!

FROM: Mayor Ken Shetter, City of Burleson

RE: Burleson Tea Party

SUBJ: City of Burleson is Not Shutting Down Tea Party

Concerned Citizen:


Members of the Burleson Tea Party group have contacted the City of Burleson wanting permission to conduct a demonstration in an area near the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard (State Highway 174) and Hidden Creek Parkway. The area is across the street from the location of the Burleson Super Wal-Mart, and adjacent to a residential area. The area where the demonstration has been planned includes right of way for the state highway, municipal right of way, and a city street. The organizer said the event is expected to draw between 300 and 500 people to participate in the demonstration.

From the beginning the city has made it clear that no city permit is required for the gathering. This being said, the city has also made it clear that there are a number of safety related concerns that need to be addressed at the originally proposed location. It is one of the busiest street intersections in the city. The posted speed limit on Wilshire/SH 174 is 50 mph. It is a 4-lane highway with a center turn lane. It is a heavily travelled highway, particularly during the hours of the planned demonstration (3-7 pm) when school is dismissing and evening going home drive-time traffic is at its peak. The original request also included the barricading of four residential streets to keep group members from parking in the neighborhoods. The city’s main concerns are safety of the demonstrators and other pedestrians, traffic safety, and the ability for fire trucks to get in and out of the residential streets and hook up to fire hydrants. In speaking with representatives from the Texas Department of Transportation, it is clear that TxDOT and the city share the safety concerns.

The city has a special events committee that reviews requests for street closures (for example, neighborhood block parties, festivals). That committee met Thursday to review the request. Due to the topography of the area and the design of the highway, the number of anticipated participants in the demonstration, and the other safety concerns the special events committee has suggested that an alternative site be considered. In fact, in an attempt to accommodate the group, City Hall, site of many community festivals, was offered as an alternative site. Nevertheless, although the site originally proposed for the demonstration presented numerous safety concerns, the committee was willing to take steps to accommodate the event if certain steps could be taken by the organizers of the event to assure safety for everyone involved.

At the time the attached news release from the city was issued this morning, we had not heard back from the organizers of the event. We since have had several discussions with the organizers and it is our understanding that an alternative site has indeed been secured. You can contact the organizers of the event for the final location.

There are a few things that need to be made clear. First, Rey Gonzales, one of the members of the city’s special events committee, is a good man and dedicated public servant that works very hard every day to make our city a great place to live. He is not trying to stop the tea party, and from my understanding has worked hard to accomodate the organizers. Second, our city functions with a Council-Manager form of government. As such, the mayor is not responsible for running the city on a day-to-day basis, and I have no authority to try to stop a function like the tea party. Third, a number of people have e-mailed nasty comments about our city and our city government–Burleson is a great place to live, work, learn and play. The members of our City Council and staff are concerned with one thing only–doing what’s right for our citizens. If you come to Burleson I think you will agree it’s a great place, and I hope you spend some time in some of our great stores and restaurants–you might want to check out our “Old Town” area.

By the way, I have read and studied our Constitution–I’ve even taken an oath to preserve, protect and defend it. I take that oath very seriously.


Ken Shetter

Mayor of Burleson, Texas


I just saw this item over at MsPlacedDemocrat and tracked it back to FreedomWorks.org.

Time to jam the email boxes, phones and fax machines and let Mayor Kenneth Shetter of Burleson, Texas know that the Tax Day Tea Party WILL BE ALLOWED (oh please, I can’t believe I even have to type that – carry your copy of the Constitution as your official permit and proof of insurance), and ask that Mr. Gonzales (fascist-not-even-in-charge) must be fired or step down for not reading the Constitution and not being a true American.

City of Burleson Tries to Cancel Tea Party

BREAKING NEWS: The City of Burleson, Texas is trying to shut down a Tax Day Tea Party planned for April 15th!!

According to local organizers, unelected “street supervisor” Ray Gonzales, informed them that he was going to prevent the event from happening.

Mr. Gonzales told organizers that he is on a special events staff, which is under the city manager’s office in Burleson. Gonzales explained to one local organizer that the special events staff had decided this protest was “not in the public interest.” He is telling organizers that David Wynn, the city manager, is his boss, and could overturn this decision. For the record, the city manager’s office told local organizers that they do not need a permit to demonstrate in Burleson, and they are not saying that the organizers need one now.

I will post an update as soon as I get one from the local organizers, but I have been told that Mr. Gonzales is trying to get the Texas Department of Transportation to stop the tea party from happening.

Those who cherish liberty must stand with our friends in Burleson, Texas, and demand that the local government immediately drop all attempts to cancel the Burleson Tea Party.

Call and email them now!!!

Burleson Mayor Kenneth Shetter

Burleson City Manager David Wynn
kmearns@burlesontx.com (817) 447-5400 x 234

Burleson City Council

I can tell you that the people will show up anyway, but we need to send a message to the city of Burleson, just like we did in Cape Coral, Florida.

Burleson Tea Party

April 15, 2009
3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Location: Across the street from Wal-Mart
951 SW Wilshire Blvd.
Burleson, Texas 76028 (burlesonteaparty@gmail.com)

Tax Day Tea Parties – San Antonio

Tax Day Tea Parties – San Antonio

UPDATE: 4/15/09 GO HERE!!!!

Tax Day Tea Party

I am going to be putting up the videos here and there, and informing those that want to know how to join a tea party in their city, to go here.  For those of you looking for Glenn Beck’s 912 Project, go here.

Our elected officials have stopped listening to us and will not pay attention until we show up and are present -PEACEABLY Protesting Their Deafness!

The best invitation so far, and very apt:

Tax Day Tea Parties – San Antonio

Tax Day Tea Party!

I wonder if HR1955 is going to apply to this? If you have been wondering what you can do, go here.


Tea Party Movement

Building upon the success of the February 27th “Chicago Tea Party” Rallies, many of the organizers are now working to develop an even larger day of protests set to happen on April 15th, 2009.

These protests are known as the Tax Day Tea Party rallies.

Our goal with this website is to try and help pull a lot of the Tea Party event organization in to one easy to navigate and user friendly place on the web. We learned, after much feedback, that one of the biggest frustrations was the difficulty in finding information. Our hope is that this website will solve a lot of these problems.

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