Tax Day Tea Parties

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Leslie Marshall

Today's AYFKM? Award goes to Leslie Marshall for having her head so far up Bambi's ass that she no longer can think straight or have a rational and reasonable conversation.  Anyone want to give The Monster permission to verbally bitchslap this wench back into American History class for thinking that the Tea Party participants are whining, and that there is no message behind THOUSANDS protesting our LIFE EARNINGS being siphoned away by the Government, The Fed, The Treasury and the World Central Banks, not to mention our civil liberties and Constitutional Rights! Oops - too frakkin' late! Leslie? "Big Government":…
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Tea Party Cancelled? Send A Message To Washington And Start Packing Your Bags

This post has been a few days in the writing, but now is a very good time to put these ideas out because now I have a great segue into it.  We have reached the crossroads folks, and we have to make a decision.  More and more people are becoming "awake" to the fact that our government stopped listening to us awhile back.  We did not want a bank bailout; it happened, and over half the money went to foreign banks.  We did not want the stimulus plan; a $1.2 Trillion fiasco; they did not read it and passed it…
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