Swine Flu

Alex Jones: Vaccine Death Coverup Implodes Worldwide

It's time to send another video viral. Appearing on The Alex Jones Show, outgoing Chair of the Council of Europe’s Sub-committee on Health Wolfgang Wodarg said that his panel’s investigation into the 2009 swine flu outbreak has found that the pandemic was a fake hoax manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in league with the WHO to make vast profits while endangering public health. Investigation Chief: Swine Flu Pandemic Was A Hoax
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Report Any Flu As Swine Flu

Well, well, well...a caller takes his child to the hospital and she has the seasonal flu but is told it will be reported to the authorities as H1N1.  Anybody surprised? This is a perfect example of why this administration is trying to shut down talk radio, and impose net neutrality. This is also a perfect example of why the LA FBI told Rush Limbaugh's caller, Mary, to watch Fox News and listen to talk radio if you want to know what is going on.
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8.22.09 Swine Flu News; Fact And Fiction

Everyone is concerned about the government's involvement in our daily lives when it comes to the swine flu.  I started a series on the swine flu and found it to be too complex, and a never ending rabbit hole at a time when the biggest government shredding of our Constitution was occurring and decided to put that series on the back burner to deal with the bigger issues. On 8.18.09, I received numerous emails talking about Baxter's patent of the H1N1 Vaccine back in August 2008, and of course, I had to read the documentation that you can find here.…
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The New Normal; Swine Flu Cases Reported May Be Tip Of The Iceberg

Here is your swine flu update.  I am still trying to locate the information that was scrubbed about the 3 avian flu viruses found in Canada in 2005, and will keep you updated as to the condition of the infected pigs in said country.  DO NOT get complacent.  The amount of morphing this little bastard can do between now and September is mind boggling.  Whether this form of H1N1 was formulated in a lab as some scientists are saying, or naturally occurring is moot; it is going to mutate and jump with possible devastating and lethal results. The CDC is…
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