Stewart Dougherty

Something Google Does Not Want You To Know?

Many of my readers have read this previous posting "Tea Party Patriots Vs. The Master Class". This morning I actually googled the exact title of the post because I needed the link, and I'm lazy when it comes to going through the archives. Guess what? I do believe the post has been sandboxed because when the exact title is searched, the results are below (click on the image and then click on the four arrow icon, lower right hand corner): See it anywhere on the first page? It appears that Google may not want you to be reading Stewart Dougherty's…
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Genius Volker Talking About A VAT Coming Our Way

Did we or DID WE NOT discuss this some months ago? December 11, 2009: Here Comes The VAT Tax March 21, 2010: Charles Krauthammer On Passage Of Obamacare; National Sales Tax March 23, 2010: Charles Krauthammer, 3.23.2010: Obamacare And The VAT Paul Volker is expecting a European VAT and a Carbon Tax to be put in place on top of the current income tax structure to pay for all the government's spending for decades past.  No BIG FREAKIN' surprise there.  I and many other Tea Party Patriots are going to be screaming "DON'T YOU DARE!" after months of telling these…
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Tea Party Patriots Vs. The Master Class

Still have that sinking feeling in your midsection every time you think about the District of Criminals, The Fed, Bernanke, etc.?  Are you still not sleeping well at night because you know something is "so wrong" but the scope of the problem is just getting larger each day? Remember when we spoke about giving up every last penny of our wealth to get rid of the bloodsucking elites that are killing our childrens' futures? After reading this commentary, you will have the concise MATH, (there's that word again), and course of the nation that  explains why you feel like a…
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