A Dummies’ Primer On The Debt Deal, Credit Downgrade, Market Selloff, And Gold

Wakey, Wakey, America.  Judge Napolitano gave a very easy to understand explanation today of the trick the ‘big government‘ party just played on the American public with the debt deal and why events such as the credit downgrade and market fluctuations are occurring.  This information is intended for those newly awakened Americans who are just starting to realize that our debt is unsustainable and need to understand why.  Regular Monster readers can feel free to send this viral, and please make sure to let them know that our debt is our greatest national security threat.

I have transcribed the entire 4:36 minutes for those that want to send the hard copy viral instead of just the video.  Yes, it’s that good.  (H/T Patriots Network.)

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Amilya Antonetti Schools Obama On His Epic Fail At Leadership

(Editor’s Note:  This IS the video that needs to go viral as a very savvy businesswoman cuts through the politically correct verbage and very succinctly calls Obama and this administration out on their epic failure to ‘lead this country to success’.)

Neil Cavuto interviewed Soapworks’s founder and CEO, Amilya Antonetti today about America’s credit downgrade and Barack Obama’s lack of leadership skills.   She starts this segment with the advice that ‘cash is king’, that ‘everything that everybody is going to tell me is going to be a lie’, that the political class is going to try to manipulate the business community into taking risk even though the business community has been warning of a downgrade for well over a year, and then the interview really heats up when she demands that Obama apologize to the American people for his pathetic leadership.  She then passionately explains what a true leader is and does.

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S&P Downgrades America’s Sovereign Debt; Can We Fire Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, And The Fed Yet?(UPDATED: QE3 On The Way)

Well, another fine mess the thieves in New York and Washington have stuck the average American with; just like TARP, the Stimulus, Fannie, Freddie, AIG, Obamacare and the latest $8 TRILLION IN DEBT they just saddled us with. Remember the Tea Party Juggernaut starting in February 2009 when Obama wasted close to a trillion dollars of borrowed money on the ‘Recovery Act’?

Bush abandoning the free market to save it?  Paulson setting up the ‘too big to fail’ banks to get even bigger?  Obama’s not qualified?  Bernanke lying about not monetizing the debt?  Geithner stating that the rating agencies won’t downgrade us?  Obama’s Keynesian economics are destroying the US economy, our future, and fiscally abusing our children and grandchildren?  Duh!  We told you so over and over and over and over – for YEARS!

Now the beginning of the official slide has happened with S&P’s downgrade of our sovereign debt and we are at the crossroads.  What’s it gonna be America?  More or less Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, the Fed, borrowing, money printing, spending, and a big federal government?  Here is your moment to realize the gravity of the big picture and do something about it.  I’m still waiting for the bankers’ arrests to start…any time now…

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