Ron Paul At SRLC, 4.10.2010

Obey the Constitution?  Outlaw deficits? Cut spending?  There goes Dr. Paul talking about common sense solutions again. Ron Paul covers numerous topics from Obama being a corporatist to the healthcare edict's mandate. To see the entire thirty minutes speech, hit the link for Patriot's Network. And as a bonus, here is the link for Andrew Breitbart's eighteen minute speech at SRLC.
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Sarah Palin At SRLC: ‘Just Because You Can Does Not Mean You Should’

Sarah Palin speaks to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference about Obama's policies, covers the possible bumpersticker slogans in 2010 and 2012, and how energy is linked to all the issues that are important to us.  Sarah also covers the administration skipping the legislative process with Cap and Trade and going right to the "Economic Punishment Agency". For those that would like to see the entire thirty minute speech, please visit PatriotsNetwork here.
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Newt Gingrich, 4.8.2010: Elections Have Consequences

Newt Gingrish speaks to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans and explains the dos of electing a republican House and Senate in order to non-fund all of Obama's radical plans including the EPA and Obamacare.  He also speaks to how to make Obama a one term pResident, and the commitment republicans need to make to the country to repeal every single 'radical' piece of legislation once they achieve the White House in 2013.
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