Special Election

Scott Brown Takes The Lead In New Poll

Four days until the election and Scott Brown has regained 31 points and is now leading Martha Coakley for Dead Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts.  Considering the amount of Tea Party Patriots pouring into the state to help the Brown Campaign and counteract SEIU thugs, the Massachusetts Miracle appears to be occurring. Obama, Pelosi, Reid; can you hear us now? Shock Suffolk University Poll: Brown Surges Past Coakley in Race for 'Ted Kennedy' Seat The Suffolk University survey released late Thursday showed Scott Brown, a Republican state senator, with 50 percent of the vote in the race to succeed the late…
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Scott Brown MoneyBomb TODAY!

UPDATE: 3:10 Eastern - Money Bomb now at $461,216.70 Scott Brown's MoneyBomb is today.  Time to put up or shut up.  An email from Scott Brown and his team. Friend, Today is our first ever moneybomb and we have a campaign goal of raising $500,000 before midnight tonight! Help send a message to Martha Coakley and the Democrats that while they’re in DC holding fundraisers with lobbyists, the voters of Massachusetts don’t want business as usual in Washington. These lobbyists are supporting Martha Coakley because they need more 'friends' in Washington and know they can rely on her. Meanwhile, while…
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The Latest Email From The DSCC; Martha Coakley Being Swiftboated

AYFKM?  That's a joke, right?  There is only one question the rest of America (outside of Massachusetts) is asking: Do you want Obamacare passed in the middle of the night with special deals, or don't you? No swiftboating necessary.  Martha Coakley is for Obamacare and Scott Brown is against Obamacare.  Inside the perfect storm of the radical left gaining control of all branches of government, nada else matters.  This is why the Democratic Party is becoming unhinged with the speed that Scott Brown was advancing, and has now surpassed Coakley in the polls due to the backing of the American…
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Republican Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley 48-47

From Public Policy Polling: Toss Up In Massachusetts The Massachusetts Senate race is now a toss up. Buoyed by a huge advantage with independents and relative disinterest from Democratic voters in the state, Republican Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley 48-47. Here are the major factors leading to this surprising state of affairs: -As was the case in the Gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia last year, it looks like the electorate in Massachusetts will be considerably more conservative than the one that showed up in 2008. Obama took the state by 26 points then, but those planning to vote…
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