Speak of the House

Let’s Compare: Boehner Vs. Pelosi

Gracious, Nancy is not... John Boehner's speech welcoming the new SOTH, Nancy Pelosi, 1.18.2007: Nancy Pelosi's speech about herself and the democrats' agenda, 1.5.2011: Pelosi's partisan parting shot By Byron York At mid-day Wednesday, it fell to now-former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to introduce her successor, John Boehner, as he was sworn in as Speaker of the House.  Some might have forgotten, but four years ago, on January 4, 2007, it was Boehner (not the departing Dennis Hastert) who introduced Pelosi when she first became Speaker.  A look at the two speeches -- Pelosi introducing Boehner and Boehner introducing Pelosi --…
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