Official “I Am Sorry I Voted For Obama” Site

Official “I Am Sorry I Voted For Obama” Site

(H/T Brian.  Also the Fascism image is solely the Monster’s opinion!)


Well, the official “I Am Sorry I Voted For Obama” site is up and running and they currently have 1,796 signatures with a goal of 4 million.

Everybody give these people a round of applause for being so courageous as to admit their mistake, accepting the consequences, and trying to correct their mistake and educate the rest of the 69 million zombies.

Take a fly by and send the link around.

Former Obama Supporters

The purpose of this website is to tell America that former Obama supporters are no longer proud of their decision. We want everyone to contribute a story of themselves or about someone they know that tells America that they are sorry they voted for Obama.

If You Didn’t Vote for Obama

You can still sign the form and tell us about a friend or coworker that is now ashamed of how they voted.

Everyone knows someone that is avoiding telling people how they voted. You have probably seen people take off their Obama stickers. You might have noticed they no longer talk about politics

We want to hear those stories.

America Is Listening

If you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent, we want to hear from you (Even if you are Green, Socialist, Libertarian, etc). Tell us what Obama said during the election that was promising and how he has now failed to deliver.

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