Did The French Just Flip Off The Bambette?

How far has America’s face fallen now thanks to Bambi, both Georges, Bill, Jimmy, Tricky Dick, Lyndon and JFK?  (Did I forget any cowards?)  When was the last time we had a president with testicular fortitude? Truman?

One knows it is bad when the French are showing up the Americans by having bigger cajones when it comes to the pirates.

From CBS:

(CBS/AP) As U.S. attention was fixed on the hostage situation involving an American captain and Somali pirates, France also had its own high-seas crisis to deal with.

The French Navy stormed a French sailboat being held by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, off the coast of Somalia, killing one hostage and two pirates in the operation, a presidential statement said Friday.

The navy also freed four remaining hostages, including one child, who were seized Saturday when pirates boarded their ship, the Tanit. Three other pirates were taken prisoner.

France’s defense minister said the pirates’ threat to execute hostages prompted the rescue attempt.

The situation with the American captain and the pirates SHOULD NOT have gotten to the point where they have issued their $2 Million ransom demand.  Where do we go from here, and what do you think Bambette is going to do about it?  I guess negotiating with terrorists/pirates is now back on the table.  This is the reason I keep stating that the obamas ARE NOT AMERICA.  A good percentage of Americans would have agreed to drop leaflets on Mogadishu advising the civilians to get out before we carpet bombed and leveled that hellhole which has now had 18 years to wreak havoc and create modern day piracy.  Excuse ME?  We are actually talking about PIRATES IN 2009?  I personally think the RedLemur has got the answer to deterring piracy; catch them and repatriate them to their home soil from a helicopter without a parachute.

Thanks Billybob Clinton for not cleaning out Mogadishu when we had the right and the chance…

In other news:

Northwest suburban voters angry over a sales-tax increase voted overwhelmingly Tuesday in favor of seceding from Cook County.

But don’t expect the county border to be redrawn any time soon. The referendum measures in the townships of Palatine, Barrington and Hanover were advisory, not binding. Extremely high hurdles would have to be jumped before secession came to pass.

Whether the secession movement gathers steam or fizzles out, a message has been sent. Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, who backed a percentage-point sales-tax increase last year, faces voter discontent less than a year before he would go before the voters for re-election.

Stroger was given another symbolic rebuke Tuesday: Voters throughout much of suburban Cook turned thumbs-down on the tax increase itself. But that vote, like the secession vote, was merely advisory. The tax increase stays in effect.

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