GOP Orlando Presidential Debate, Ron Paul At LPAC, & Thaddeus McCotter On Saving Social Security

Ron Paul keeps winning straw poll after debate poll, but all you hear about is Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and those crazy Paul supporters who are so very passionate about their candidate.  Wake up America and stop rolling over for the big money owned media who continues to feed you globalists and RINOs who are bleeding the country dry.

The next debate will be tonight in Orlando, Florida at 9 pm eastern (watch it here), and it should be a rather lively group including Newt, Ron, and the Barbie Twins; Mitt and Rick.  The other candidate that should be there and is not is Thaddeus McCotter who has a new plan to save Social Security.  (Look for that audio below Dr. Paul’s speech at LPAC.)

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Catherine Austin Fitts: ‘It’s Not An Economic Collapse, It’s Re-Engineering’

Catherine Austin Fitts being interviewed on July 20th, by Jay Carter of Financial Survival Radio about the re-engineering of the Soviet economy after the fall of the Berlin wall, our own economic re-engineering happening now, the central banking warfare model, and what really is happening with Social Security.  This is a 5 minute excerpt with the entire audio over at Catherine’s site,

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American Sovereign Versus Corporate Owned Moo

(Editor’s Note: Please welcome Practical Madman to the Monster with his first guest post. If you want to start to understand American Sovereigns or the Restore America Plan, you need to read his essay in it’s entirety.) A few days ago I posted an article about how each department of the government is listed as … Read more

MONSTER Calls BS On This Story

Bambi’s administration is holding back a financial report on the state of Social Security and Medicare for three months to see if Obamacare makes a difference. BWAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I’m calling BullFeathers!!!! I also call it buying time, stalling, lying by omission…. AP Source: Report on Social Security Delayed WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is delaying … Read more

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