Oil Leak or Oil Volcano?

A few weeks ago I received some information that advanced the theory that the BP oil leak is actually an oil volcano, and that attempts to seal the leak would fail. It appears that the theory may be correct after watching some side by side videos and images. The BP oil leak on 5.23.2010. Notice the white plume next to the black plume. An AP video from 5.20.2010 which shows the white plume in the background and what appears to be volcanic ejecta floating down. Now, video of an underwater volcano "erupting from NOAA's Submarine Ring of Fire expeditions." 3.20.2009…
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Feed Your ADHD Turns One!!!!

Dr. Dave of Feed Your ADHD is celebrating his one year anniversary of bringing the best and most inventive snark to the web that I have seen since I stumbled on Shtuey over at Oy....My Valve.   As part of his celebration, he is requesting that fellow bloggers pick a favorite post of his to crosspost, and he will do the same on his site. I make a valiant attempt to hit particular sites every few days, and Doc's is one not to miss just because we HAVE to laugh right now!  Bookmark him, and show him some link love!…
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