Socialism: Obama Style

Socialism: Obama Style

My apologies to my readership for not posting very much these last days; I have been working on Part II and III of Obama’s American Socialism: Decades in the Making and trying to keep my meals down after reading all the research.  The hardest part of writing these articles is getting this information out without being accused or sued for inciting riots.  You will see what I mean….

In the meantime, I took some moments off this morning to wander to a couple of my usual watering holes; Pagan Power and The Patriot Room and found a few very interesting videos that work well compared side to side.  For those undecided voters stopping by, take a good, long, hard look and then go to the link for Part I of the above titled post.

“Capitalism Has Failed”: TheRoachFactor

“Small Business Owner Blasts Obama”: srfspc0953

and finally from the amazing BooWitch13: “Call Me a Racist- I Don’t Care No More” (I’m so there with you BooWitch)

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