Dems Push Healthcare Through House; Sure Sign Of A Brown Win (UPDATED: Queen Nancy Has Spoken!)

Dems trying to shove through their un-Constitutional healthcare bill is a sure sign that Scott Brown is about to take back Dead Kennedy’s seat for the America People. This story is breaking on the NY Times and I will update as more details become available. From a NY Times email alert: Democrats Seeking to Push … Read more

‘Hurry Up And Wait’: The Story Of Obamacare (UPDATED)

(Updated Note: The Senate was planning on voting on this bill at 8 am Christmas Eve. They have now decided to bump it up an hour to 7 am. Anybody surprised? Go here to watch live streaming video if you must.) ***************************** Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyy UP! Right now! Pass a bill that will … Read more

Senate Floor Speeches; McConnell vs. Reid (Video)

From midnight to 1 am, floor speeches were made for and against the senate healthcare bill and the addition of Harry Reid’s manager’s amendment.  Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid were the last to speak as is the ritual for the minority majority leaders.  McConnell knocked this one right out of the ballpark, while Harry went … Read more

Health Insurance Companies Stock Rising By Double Digits

(H/T Kathy and CountUsOut) First, I cannot believe there is someone drinking from the cup of reality on  MSNBC.  Who left the door open, why did this guy wander in, and does he realize where he is? The link below of an interview between Debbie Wasserman (D-FL) and Dylan Ratigan was dropped in comments on … Read more

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