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Protecting Cyberspace As A National Asset Act (Updated With Text)

UPDATE #2, 6.25.2010: Senate Homeland Security Committee approves cybersecurity legislation UPDATE, 6.16.2010: Here is the text of the 197 page act being put forward by Sens. Lieberman, Collins, and Carper. Protecting Cyberspace As A National Asset Act ****************************** Original post from 6.10.2010: Has not my prescription changed enough reading the Obamacare and financial takeover bills, we now have the next bill in the Borg absorption; Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act brought to you by Lieberman, Collins, and Carper.  Though the senators state, in their press release for the bill, "The bill does not authorize any new surveillance authorities…
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Liberal, Left-Wing, Moonbat Protestors Occupy Sen. Lieberman’s Office

On the day when thousands showed up for the House Call Rally to protest Obama Deathcare, the liberals just could not be left out of the spotlight.  Anybody in the middle and on the right surprised?  Nope, did not think so.  It is a common rule with the left that "anything goes", and common sense and manners do not matter if you desire is great enough.  Do a flyby on this article for the video that accompanies it. Protesters Arrested at Lieberman's Office It is protest day, for the Left and the Right, on Capitol Hill. First out of the…
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Sen. Lieberman Is Getting The Message

Wow, me thinks the message is getting through to some of the deaf non-reps. in Washington, D.C. that maybe we should focus on the financial crisis, the deficit, the wars, and the 2000 banks that are not considered "insolvent" yet but seem to be flying by the seats of their pants and living on a prayer. Sen. Lieberman: Postpone Universal Healthcare One of the Senate's most powerful Democrats said Sunday that President Obama should take an "incremental" approach to fixing health care and argued that the country should postpone adding nearly 50 million new patients to the government system until…
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