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Newt Gingrich: “This Is A Group That Is Prepared To Fundamentally Violate The Constitution”

Newt Gingrich speaking with Sean Hannity about Obamacare and the shredding of the Constitutional and the morphing of insurance companies into public utilities. It would be fascinating to know, since he taught Constitutional law in Chicago, which Constitution was he teaching? Venezuelan constitutional law? I can't possible imagine how he could have actually taught American Constitutional law and be this wrong, this often.
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Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe Arraigned, 12.07.09

Sean Hannity has coverage of the rally for the Navy SEALs that were arraigned in Norfolk, VA today, and follows up with an interview with Matthew McCabe's attorney, Neal Puckett. (This video was made private by the creator (FoxNews) after it was posted, so I have added another video from CNN on 1.11.2010 while I search for another copy.) See Related Links at the bottom of this post for more information.
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Andrew Breitbart Challenges AG Holder On ACORN Investigation (Updated)

The ACORN brothel scandal is fading since we are dealing with healthcare bills, climate bills, the global climate change treaty, the falling dollar, and a pResident that is running around Asia and continuing to embarrass us.  Meanwhile, ACORN is suing the government for our money and Obama's AG hasn't lifted a finger to investigate ACORN even though he has more than ample reason to do so. Andrew Breitbart is now challenging Holder to start an investigation of ACORN or wait until the next election cycle and watch as Breitbart releases the rest of the tapes and other information he has.…
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