Obama/Soetoro Nominates A Kindred Spirit

As Rev. Manning so aptly put, the 'long-legged Mack daddy' is about to choose a person with no 'bench time' to sit on the SCOTUS.  Did anyone expect anything less from the fraud and interloper who continues to pretend to be a Constitutional law professor?  Did anyone expect anything BUT this from the guy who isn't qualified to be president? If I was not so worried about the impending financial holocaust descending on Europe and the rest of the world (and peoples' reaction to it), AND millions of gallons of oil being pumped into our oceans, I would write more…
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Make The Flashpoint Happen: More Obama Birth Certificate News

I said recently that I believed this issue had gone from tinfoil hat to a Media Blackout, and that I was going to be absolutely relentless about this issue because where there is smoke with The One, there is fire. I want to thank Susan over at That's Me On The Left for finding this article with an amazing bonanza of logistical information inside this article that "We The People" can use.  Remember, we are America, not the politicians that have been so adeptly ignoring us.  So people...what are you going to do?....let's make sure this story gets legs and…
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