Scott Brown

The Audacity Of Robert Gibbs

Obama's Chief Minister of Propaganda is de-lus-ion-al.  Robert Gibbs is definitely applying the rule that if you tell a lie often enough, it may just be accepted as truth.  He would like you to believe that Scott Brown was elected on the same anger and frustration that sent Barack Obama to the White House according to a Washington Post poll.   Mr. Brown's stance against the current policies of this administration has absolutely nothing to do with his capture of the people's seat in MA. NOW would be the time to hammer your congressmen and senators about how much you…
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Obama Reacting As Expected; Going To The Left

Yes, we are all paranoid sheep who have been scared to death by TV ads, and Massachusetts didn't mean anything. He is doing what we knew he would; suffer a defeat - run out on the campaign trail. If 7 presidents and 7 congresses haven't been able to achieve universal healthcare, maybe the rational thing to do is something else that Americans actually approve of? The definition of insanity....
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Glenn Beck, 1.21.2010; Obama The Parent & The Debt Ceiling

Is the President out of touch? Should we be watching the other hand? Does history matter? According to Barry, he hasn't gotten his message across and Brown's win in Massachusetts is because of anger about George Bush. Part 2, Keith Ablow: Part 3, Other news stories and the Debt Ceiling - why not buy 422 air craft carriers?: Part 4, The Revolutionary Holocaust - Live Free...Or Die: Part 5, Progressives, Liberal Fascism and Jonah Goldberg: (Author's Note: For those that don't know - Hitler was a leftist.)
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