Steve Pieczenik Interview With Alex Jones On An Iranian Attack, 10.13.2011

Alex Jones interviews Steve Pieczenik about the ‘false flag’ terrorist threat against the Saudi ambassador by Iran giving the United States and Israel cover for an attack on Iran. “The intel I’ve got is a strike on Iran by Israel within two weeks, The U.S. then responding when Iran totally shuts down the oil supply.” (Alex Jones)

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Why, Exactly, Is US Central Command Creating And Overseeing A Private Saudi Security Force?

The special security force is expected to grow to at least 35,000 members, trained and equipped by U.S. personnel as part of a multiagency effort that includes staff from the Justice Department, Energy Department and Pentagon. It is overseen by the U.S. Central Command.

Something about US Central Command building and overseeing an elite force in Saudi Arabia really bothers me on the globalist chessboard meter.  I find it interesting that this story came out the same day that Chairman Zero threw Israel to the wolves.  I also had not realized that the United States has divvied the world up into seven theaters of operation as the image from Centcom’s site shows.  See what happens when one chases the bankers?

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Wayne Madsen Death Threat Update on Alex Jones, 4.18.2011

Alex Jones interviews Wayne Madsen about the death threats that he has received and his plans to leave America for his own safety due to his investigation into Chicago political figures including Rahm Emmanuel, Barack Obama, Obama’s CIA background, and all the suspicious deaths surrounding this administration. Alex starts out this segment on the continuing … Read more

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