Obama Postpones Capitol Meeting To Avoid Protesters?

Obama Postpones Capitol Meeting To Avoid Protesters?


Michele Bachmann and the Republicans’ “House Call” that drew thousands had the effect that I was expecting; Obama is planning on going to Walter Reed to avoid protesters on Friday, and  then twist some arms and create some tingles on Saturday, Chicago style, before the House vote that will establish 118 new government agencies to take away what is left of our freedom.

He is probably expecting the protesters to be gone by Saturday’s vote.  Now why would the Tea Party Patriots do that?

Good luck with that Mr. pResident.  If you do get this POS bill passed, 2010 is closer than you think and we WILL get it repealed.

Obama delays meeting with House Dems until Saturday

President Barack Obama will meet with House Democrats to discuss healthcare on Saturday, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has planned a vote on the measure.

A White House aide said the trip was postponed “to be closer to the vote.”

Obama had planned to meet with the group on Friday, but the White House schedule for the day, which came out late Thursday night, noted that the meeting has been moved to Saturday.

Instead, Vice President Joe Biden will make calls to House members from his home in Wilmington, Del. “about the need to pass health insurance reform,” according to Biden’s schedule.

That appears to be another cowardly maneuver.  I have never seen such a bunch of pantywaists hiding under their beds, afraid to talk to Americans.  Remember 9.12, when Obama had to mozy on out to Minnesota for his sycophants when somewhere around 2.1 MILLION Americans wanted to talk to him, and ask him to just please listen?  Oh, but I just had a stupid moment there, he is from Hawaii, and here in Hawaii, politicians believe that if a constituent did not vote for them, then that constituent’s opinion does not matter.  See Kelly Greenwell’s comment, My constituency knows me and they know what I stand for. When they elected me they got the whole package and they gave me the authority to do what needs to be done. If you voted for me you have to accept my position. If you did not I don’t owe you an explanation.” This coming from the guy that wants the Gitmo detainees free in Hawaii.

The delay from the White House comes after thousands of protesters marched on Capitol Hill on Thursday, demanding that lawmakers defeat the bill for myriad reasons.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday that Obama was not meeting with House Democrats because he was concerned about the vote count.

Remember, they mean exactly the opposite of what they say; in this case, it is ALL ABOUT concern over the House vote.

“No, his visit is a sign of trying to continue to make progress and get this done,” Gibbs said.

Obama is scheduled to leave Washington on Wednesday for an extended tour of Asia.

Instead of visiting Capitol Hill on Friday, Obama will make his first visit as president to Walter Reed Hospital to meet with wounded troops.

Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?  Our nation is at war in two different theatres and this clown has NOT YET been to Walter Reed Hospital?  I was at Walter Reed to support the troops 2 days after I flew in for the 9.12 March, and I’m just an average citizen who does not currently know a single person in the military but I support them and show my gratitude and loyalty by being present.

My spousal unit keeps telling me that it isn’t fear on the administration’s part, it is the fact that they just do not care and could not be bothered.  Maybe he is right, and if he is, I see dark days ahead.

Dems To Walk The Plank For Pelosi Healthcare On Saturday

Dems To Walk The Plank For Pelosi Healthcare On Saturday


Socialism? Take The First Left

Desperate times call for drastic measures.  Case in point; rushing the largest un-Constitutional expansion of government in the history of the United States on a rare Saturday vote.  Are any of us surprised?  Nope.

Nancy Pelosi does not have the votes in the house yet to pass her gargantuan 2,000 page monstrosity that very few people have actually been able to read in it’s entirety…so…it is time to pull out all the stops and descend even farther into the pit of backroom arm-twisting, media spin, Chicago style thuggery, and whatever else passes for statesmanship these days in Washington, D.C.

Does one single democrat realize how much their party is degrading the reputations of the Presidency, the House, the Senate, and America in general?  Does one single democrat realize how much their tantrums, name-calling, and sneaky backroom maneuvering is traumatizing the entire nation, and more than likely, giving our allies in the world a moment of pause? Does it make it morally right for the democrats to plunge into the depths and follow the lead of squishy republicans with no moral compass just because Bush and the republicans did so earlier?

All of this speaks to the corruption and greed that has taken over OUR government when Nancy can call a special vote with the implications that ‘it’s legal’, even if it is not the ‘morally right’ thing to do.  I know many thoughtful Americans that take longer than the congress has taken with this healthcare manifesto to make decisions on choices that are much less life altering.

Aren’t you glad that Nancy, lacking grace, statesmanship, intelligence, and the maturity of thought and character to do what is right, is third in line for what is left of the presidency right after Joe Biden who believes that we have to spend trillions of dollars to keep from going bankrupt?  If anybody really looks at the people in charge, one would have to say America is definitely in decline with the amount of spoiled brats running around D.C. doing whatever they please without even a “by your leave” to the American People.  See Alan Grayson’s juvenile antics if you need a refresher.

Fortunately, for us, there is a “Healthcare Intervention” about to happen today on the Capitol Steps at Noon with Rep. Michele Bachmann, Jon Voight, Mark Levin, various Republicans and, (hopefully thousands), highly upset Americans to stop THE DEFINING MOMENT when our country is catapulted from capitalism to socialism.  That is, if Nancy does not pull some special brand of ‘Speaker Of The House’ thuggery and change the security protocols outside the Capitol and BLOCK AMERICANS from their OWN HOUSE.  One can hope that Nancy does not do something THAT lacking in little gray cells.

But I digress….

House expected to vote on health bill Saturday

House leaders put in motion the machinery to hold a rare Saturday vote on the most far-reaching expansion of the health-care system in more than 40 years.

Even so, they were still locking down support Wednesday among a handful of holdouts, with the biggest bloc dissatisfied with the measure’s handling of abortion.

Many Democrats said passing the measure has become even more crucial politically after Republicans won governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey this week. So Democratic whips worked their rank and file, while House leaders tried to secure a momentum-building endorsement from the AARP, the nation’s largest association of people over 50. President Obama, meanwhile, laid plans to visit Capitol Hill on Thursday or Friday to address House Democrats in a final push for his signature domestic initiative.

House Republicans are united in opposition to the majority’s health bill, so to pass the measure, Democrats will need at least 218 votes from their 258-member caucus. That group grew by two in Tuesday’s elections: While some Democrats bemoaned the loss of the governor’s mansions, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) cheerfully prepared to swear in newly elected Democrats from New York and California, both of whom have pledged to support the health bill.

“From our standpoint, we picked up votes,” Pelosi said.

House leaders said that they were confident of reaching their goal in time for a Saturday debate on the most significant changes to the nation’s health-care system since the creation of Medicare in 1965. They released 42 pages of amendments to the 1,990-page health package unveiled last week, a move that started the clock ticking on their pledge to make the legislation publicly available for 72 hours before lawmakers are asked to pass judgment.

“We are now in the final stage of moving this critical bill through the House,” Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) said in a statement. “Our members have worked very hard on this legislation, and I believe that as a result, we have a strong product that will lower costs and provide greater health care stability for all Americans.”

Unless, of course, you live in Hawaii.

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