Obama Has Made America Stronger!  Hail Dear Leader!! (AYFKM?)

Obama Has Made America Stronger! Hail Dear Leader!! (AYFKM?)


If this statement coming from the White House wasn’t so dangerously insane, I would be laughing my a** off.

What about the European Apology TourWhat about Ft. HoodWhat about the Christmas Bomber?  What about the rest of the bombers lining up to take innocent Americans’ lives?


How are you sleeping at night?

Obama ‘strengthened America’ in first year: White House

The White House Tuesday argued President Barack Obama’s “steady diplomacy” had made America stronger and renewed its moral authority despite “unprecedented challenges” in his first year in office.

‘Unprecedented challenges’, like being totally ignorant and lacking any experience on any of the major issues, the economy, THE CONSTITUTION?

But the assessment, posted on the White House website, did not dwell on the lack of success garnered by one of Obama’s top priority foreign policy drives, peace moves in the Middle East, and reflected a tougher tone on Iran.

What tougher tone?  ‘Stop, play nice!’?

“A year later, America is stronger because of the president’s leadership,” said Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor for strategic communications, in a White House blog post.

“The global economy has been pulled back from the brink of catastrophe. We are responsibly winding down the war in Iraq, and increasing our focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Rhodes argued Obama that had quickly got to work refocusing the fight against Al-Qaeda, restoring US alliances, committing the United States to confronting climate change and nuclear proliferation.

‘Quickly got to work refocusing the fight’ by assessing his own hand-picked general’s report for some 90 days?  AYFKM?

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