Obama Allows Russia To Sell Deadly Weaponry To Iran

There is a loophole in the latest UN draft resolution prohibiting Iran from obtaining deadly weaponry. It appears that the US is making deals behind the scenes with China and Russia to get 'something' passed and it would allow Iran to purchase Russian ground-to-air missiles, among other weapons which could be used against Israel and our own troops. I personally don't believe in the anti-Christ or the devil, but at some point somebody is going to have to ground this teenager and stop him from setting the entire world on fire.   Putting aside the fact that we believe Barry isn't…
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Obama Hobbles Us As Russia Makes The World More Dangerous

It's a new day, a new Monday, and I am waiting to see what Obama and his henchmen have in store for us after his Sunday golf game.  Meanwhile, I have some very bad news.  On March 25th, barely two weeks before Obama took nukes off the table, Russia decided to unveil their Club-K Missile System.  Yeppers, it's gonna be a rough week, and you are going to be able to ask that long standing question one more time, "Is Obama Too Stupid Or Too Dangerous To Serve?" Russia to submit data about new Club-M missile system Rosoboronexport and Morinformsistema-AGAT…
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Polish President Dies In Plane Crash(UPDATED)

From the NY Times: No Survivors in Crash of Flight Carrying Polish Leader MOSCOW — A plane carrying the Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, and his wife crashed in western Russia on Saturday morning, and there were no survivors, according to Russian media. Officials did not immediately have information on the identities of the dead. A spokeswoman for the emergency management ministry said on Russian television that the plane, a Tupolev 154, crashed as it was landing in Smolensk, and 87 people on board had died. Mr. Kaczynski had been due in western Russia to commemorate the anniversary of the murder…
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