Vote For The Monster To Be The Next Speaker Of The House

Vote For The Monster To Be The Next Speaker Of The House

DiamondTiger - Next Speaker Of The House

I just learned something rather interesting this morning when Speaker Education started following me on Twitter.  The Speaker of the House of Representatives DOES NOT (Constitutionally) need to be a member of the elected body, though they always have been. (Ah, so many little details that we do not know about…)

The Speaker Eduction Project believes:

The Speaker Education Project believes that Congress can bridge its divide by selecting a strong, non-partisan individual from outside of Washington’s political arena as its next leader. This type of transformation must begin at the local level, through engaged citizens actively questioning candidates about their stance on this critical issue. You have the power to help educate voters about the race for Speaker of the House, and have an impact on the choices the candidates in your district make by simply getting involved.

Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives

2. How is the Speaker elected?

Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution states: “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers.” The Speaker is elected by roll call vote when each new House first convenes. Customarily, the conference of each major party nominates a candidate whose name is placed in nomination. Although the Constitution does not require the Speaker to be a member of the House, all Speakers have been members. Members normally vote for the candidate of their own party conference, but could vote for any individual, whether nominated or not. To be elected, a candidate must receive an absolute majority of votes cast, which may be less than a majority of full membership of the House, because of absentees of Members voting “present.” If no candidate receives the requisite majority, the roll call is repeated until a Speaker is elected.

Which, of course, got me thinking….

I do believe that somebody who actually embodies the Tea Party’s core beliefs of Ending The Fed (and stopping control of government by the big banks), Reducing The Size of Government, Repealing all of the ridiculous laws that have been put in place over the last 100 years or so, so and and so forth (I laid out my platform 3 weeks ago) should actually be installed as the next Speaker of the House.  It would definitely take the agenda away from the mealy-mouthed, pansy, Republican leadership that wants to compromise with the very traitors that are destroying our republic at break-neck speed.

The current dark horses from Speaker Education’s website?

Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, and General Petraeus.

How about Diamond Tiger, Independent, and Common Sense American?

Make sure to let your representative know that you want a real human being to be the next Speaker of the House!!

pResident Wants A Thank You; Rush Obliges

pResident Wants A Thank You; Rush Obliges

Yesterday, the pResident made a statement at a fundraiser being held at Gloria Estefan’s Miami mansion about how the American people should be thanking him for the tax cuts in the ‘Recovery Act’. Rush decided to oblige him today.

As many of you know, our taxes have not gone down; many are set to increase in 2011 when the Bush tax cuts expire, and many new taxes have started because of Obamacare. Go here to see this:

Bambi obviously believes what he is saying, so who is he really talking to, and are the democratic contributors shelling out $30K per person really that stupid or is there something more to the story?

Mike Malloy’s Hate Speech Against Conservatives

Mike Malloy’s Hate Speech Against Conservatives

Are you tired of the progressives inciting violence, and blaming the tea parties and the conservatives for all of their tactics?  The Monster will continue to take the high road and call for the ‘perp walk’ for the gangsters in the District of Criminals.

Rush To Barack: “Man Up”

You don’t get to impose your programs and policies on the nation and the people without our consent. This is a representative republic, not a banana republic.  Let me remind you Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky are not our founding fathers.

Sarah Palin’s Upcoming Interviews; 11.16.09

Sarah Palin’s Upcoming Interviews; 11.16.09

Sarah_Palin_850I just heard a piece of audio from Rush Limbaugh stating that Sarah Palin will be on his radio show on Tuesday, November 17th at the top of the second hour, with this quote about ‘Going Rogue’: “‘one of the most substantive policy books I’ve read’.

The long knives are already out and being sharpened for this woman so I thought it might be a good idea to find all the interview information available so that Monster readers can hear her for themselves.  Sarah is going to have massive media attention this week because of her cocooning for the last few months, and because of her absence and her unpredictability, the “progressive’s” Palin Derangement Syndrome is going to be in high gear.  I’m getting the popcorn ready right now.

Barbara Walters has interviewed Sarah and that interview is going to be spread out in segments across four different ABC shows and two days.  Go here for the 30 second teaser video.

For those interested in following Sarah on Twitter, go here. Sarah’s Facebook page is here.

(H/T to reader Kathy for the interview info.)

Sarah Palin:

  • Monday, 11.16.09: Oprah (I am so NOT linking to the site of the woman who declared Obama to be “The One!’ AYFKM?)
  • Friday, 11.20.09: ABC – 20/20

On a completely different but related note, Lou Dobbs will be on O’Reilly on Monday, 11.16.09.

As always, I will be putting up videos of these interviews for those of you that no longer own televisions…

Rush And The Truth From “Nobody” Susan of Glendale, CA

2nd Patriot of the Year next to Janet Contreras who wrote the letter to Glenn Beck; 45 year old mom, Susan From Glendale, California in a 21 minute emotion filled statement of the truth of our current political situation.  Susan wants to know what we can do to take our country back and protect our childrens’ future!
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Rush and Sarah in 2010?

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