Roy Gonzales

Adolph Hitler Fascist Dictator Award Goes To Ray Gonzales of Burleson, Texas

UPDATE: Letter From Mayor Shetter to MsPlacedDemocrat 4/3/09 Go Here for an update on this post! FROM: Mayor Ken Shetter, City of Burleson RE: Burleson Tea Party SUBJ: City of Burleson is Not Shutting Down Tea Party Concerned Citizen: The City of Burleson is NOT TRYING TO STOP THE APRIL 15 TEA PARTY. Members of the Burleson Tea Party group have contacted the City of Burleson wanting permission to conduct a demonstration in an area near the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard (State Highway 174) and Hidden Creek Parkway. The area is across the street from the location of the Burleson…
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