Lt. Col. Allen West, 8.21.2010, Boca Raton Republicans Club Speech

Lt. Col. Allen West, congressional candidate for District 22-Florida, speaking before the Boca Raton Republican’s Club on 8.21.2010: We stand, as one, as the Spartans did in that gap at Thermopylae with our shields locked saying that we will not surrender this country.  We will not retreat, we will not give up one inch, we … Read more

Lt. Col. Allen West On Snippy Little Chihuahuas

Allen West speaking about Ron Klein, and the left’s attacks on him and the tea party patriots. Mr. West also has a special message for Nancy Pelosi in January of 2011. “This is about fighting a dishonest tyranny. Fighting against people that will lie to the American People and say we are doing all this … Read more

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