Glenn Beck, 1.24.2011: Assassins In History

Glenn briefly covers the attempted assassination of Missouri governor, Jay Nixon, the radical leftist (Casey Brezik) that was responsible, and who is actually behind the violence toward public figures.

Glenn Beck, 6.10.2010: STORM – Reclaiming Revolution

Glenn covers the revolutionaries who are currently at the center of the power web in Washington, D.C.  He recaps how the politicians and the revolutionaries are using each other to gain control of the country (like the rest of us don’t even exist).  He also shows a video of Larry Grathwohl, the FBI agent that infiltrated the Weather Underground and found out how they were going to take over the country and ‘re-educate’ the capitalists in centers.  Those that would not relearn the socialist way would be terminated.  I was shocked that Glenn had finally shown the video that most PUMAs and anti-Obama conservatives knew about before Barry got a lock on the nomination.  I have re-embedded it in the Vodpod in the sidebar or leaderbar depending on the page you are on.

He also urges his viewers to read Van Jones’ STORM: Reclaiming Revolution. I have embedded a Scribed Doc of it after the vids.

Part 1:

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