American Sovereign Versus Corporate Owned Moo

American Sovereign Versus Corporate Owned Moo

(Editor’s Note: Please welcome Practical Madman to the Monster with his first guest post. If you want to start to understand American Sovereigns or the Restore America Plan, you need to read his essay in it’s entirety.)

A few days ago I posted an article about how each department of the government is listed as a private company, and also asking why Barack Obama has two companies incorporated in the UK. That article touched on the Act of 1871 when the District of Columbia’s government was incorporated and how Americans, who are sovereigns, were turned into a financial spigot for the aristocrats, international and domestic banksters, and then the global community through the United Nations.  MOST people do not know, nor understand how this happened or why, starting with a bankrupt American government right after the Civil War.  I have asked Practical Madman to write a piece explaining what occurred because he has many more particulars in his mental rolodex than I.  What follows is his easy to understand explanation of how Social Security and Birth Certificates are used as collateral for government loans and why we have to come to the place where Sovereigns are considered terrorists by the FBI.  The only question left to answer is: “Are you going to take the power back as an American Sovereign or are you going to continue to be a dumbed-down, prescription fed, debt strapped, corporate owned MOO creating a revenue stream for Washington, D.C. and beyond?

Today, we look at a third threat—the “sovereign citizen” extremist movement.Sovereign citizens are anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country, they are separate or “sovereign” from the United States. As a result, they believe they don’t have to answer to any government authority, including courts, taxing entities, motor vehicle departments, or law enforcement.

Word Play


How to Enslave a Nation

By The Practical Madman

There are magicians afoot. Their “power” lies in their incantations. Words, used properly, can be powerful tools. They can create hexes, enslave minds, manipulate the future…oh, you don’t believe in any of this stuff? No problem, because “THEY” do, and that is all that matters.

You see, to understand what I am going to present here, there are a few basic items that must first be understood. First, there are three types of laws in this country. There is Natural law, which is basically, “keep your hands off other people’s stuff, cause no harm, and always keep your word”. It has been summed up as “Treat others the way you would have yourself be treated”. Natural law is enforced by the local system agreed upon by those that live there. It is the purest and most liberty reinforcing form of law, natural and organic to the people, with limitations imposed only by the natural law and punishments of aggressions by consensus of the people. If you don’t like where the community is headed, try to get them to see your way, deal with it, or just leave. Then you have Civil law, where the “citizens” are subject to the dictates of the “government”. There are police, courts, and jails, as well as prescribed sentencing and defined laws, voted on by “representatives” of the people for the benefit of the people at the consent of the people, otherwise known as the “law of the land”. If you do not like a law, tough, deal with it, or try to get your “representative” to do their duty and represent your views and change it. Good luck. Then we have the third type of law, U.C.C. or Uniform Commercial Code, otherwise known as the “law of the sea”. This is the code that nations and foreign businesses conduct business under and the rules are defined by contracts and treaties, and contracts are enforced. Other than these types of law are pure communism, a dictatorship, or crown that governs, rules, and punishes the people, and these types of systems must be avoided at all costs, for they are NEVER good for the people.

The second thing you need to understand before we proceed is there are two languages spoken and used daily in this country. One is English, the other is Legalese. We are taught in the indoctrination centers, (you were taught to call them “schools”) in English. When lawyers pass the B.A.R. Exam  (British Aristotic Registry), and begin to put “Esquire” behind their name (a title of nobility), this is all done in Legalese. You see, not many lawyers really understand the difference between these two languages, and are in fact, “taught” how things are done and not so much the why, and not encouraged to dig very deep. One language uses Webster’s Dictionary and the other uses Black’s Law Dictionary. There are words that are common to both, but they have different meanings, and this is where your education begins. You see, the magicians have mixed up the meanings so that you think you are saying one thing, when in fact, you may be agreeing to something you don’t even know about. This is where the “power” of their magic words comes in. I guess this would also be a good place for a disclaimer. I am not a lawyer, which means that I have not been “indoctrinated” and can still think for myself, and read words and comprehend their meaning with no previous “inflictions” to distort them. Just because I do not have a “sheepskin” (another word for a diploma- proof that the indoctrination took to the best of “THEIR” testing ability, and that you are officially, a sheeple), doesn’t mean that my opinion is valueless. If you are inflicted with the indoctrination that comes with a sheep skin, keep an open mind to the things NOT taught in school.

OK, now that I have given the basic information that you needed to know, now we can proceed. It has been pretty well laid out by Diamond Tiger that the “United States” and all of it’s branches are separate corporations. These Corporations all work under UCC law, and they all pass “Codes, Acts, and Regulations” to govern their in house workings, as well as enter into contracts with other corporations for profit. They have in house systems for handling the day to day decisions and verdicts of the corporation. These are “departments” with specialized functions, and are often spin off corporations for tax and other purposes that suit the corporation. This is where the “magicians” and their “word magic” come in.

You must also understand that the government that was created by those that fought the Revolutionary War, was the Articles of Confederation. The Revolutionary fighters were not fighting to establish a “Federal Government”. Right after they signed the Declaration of Independence and started the war, they sat down and drew up the Articles, and THAT is what they were fighting for. The Constitution was written by a group of men, many whom had input into the original Articles, who were later assigned the task of proposing amendments to the Articles, not to create a new government. This Constitution they wrote without the authorization of the people, created the Federal Government, and this is where the word magicians really got to work.

This was “The Constitution for the united States” as it was originally written. Then the Federal Government started getting too overpowering, and some of the States decided to withdraw. Everybody knows there was a bloody battle that all but totally destroyed our country, but do you know the reason? They wanted to eliminate the Constitution and go back to the Articles of Confederation, hence they were called “The Confederate States” Then in 1871 ( read the Historical Outline) the USofA was incorporated, and the Constitution was changed to  “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. See the difference? There is also a great legal detail in the difference between “of” and “for” but that is another subject. Now, pull out your driver’s license, see your name? Is it in all capitol letters? Look at your car registration, your insurance papers, any time your name is written in a government or most legal documents, it is in all caps. There is also a great deal of legal interpretation to the fact that “united” is not capitalized in the original that puts the States above the Federal Government, but this was changed. These may all seem like trivial things, but to the word magicians, they are monumental. Where your name is written in all capitol letters, the corporation that is represented by you (the man (or woman)), is the subject, not you.

In 1913 the USofA created a new corporation called the Federal Reserve Bank, which was none of the things it’s name implied. It was a private cartel of bankers (word magicians) that now had the power to create money from thin air. By 1933 the bankers had the USofA so indebted that it’s CEO, President Roosevelt, declared it bankrupt. To settle it’s debt to the bankers, the people had to turn in their gold. The people were impoverished and in depression. The CEO then created the “voluntary” Social Security system to help the people feel secure (and to have another source of income to pay the bankers what they owed in the bankruptcy settlement). The people slowly accepted this idea, and within two generations it was mandatory to have a number. Birth certificates came into common use and then mandatory use around the same time. Before then, a note was made in the family Bible when a child was born.

The government created a corporation and assigned it a serial number, and created a bond on the stock exchange to represent the value of that number. All word magic of the magicians, slight of hand of the bankers. YOU represent that corporation and the assigned number is your Social Security number. This corporation too has a number on Dunn and Bradstreet just like the USofA, Inc. and others as illustrated by Diamond Tiger. To search this out, you must get an original copy of your birth certificate, and there will be red numbers at the bottom corner, and that represents a bond registered on Wall St.. Get any stockbroker to look up that bond. There you will find the name of the Corporation as listed on Dunn & Bradstreet. You represent that corporation every time your name is written in all caps or you use your SS#.  Why do the word magicians do this? These corporations exist on paper, and they have a fictional value. What do you think “derivatives” are made of? These are bundled, and sold by the banking word magicians. The corporation USofA also puts these up as collateral for the loans it needs to sustain it’s investment portfolio of foreign governments, military prowess, and payoffs to the masses of people to keep them sedated.

You see, what it all boils down to is money. Every corporation is in existence for one reason, profit. Most of the time, in order to make a profit, there is an investment of some kind, and more often than not, a bank loan is needed to make that investment. Enter the word magicians. You see, their magic mainly lies in the fact that they print pretty pieces of paper, at the cost of ink and paper, and the people and corporations accept these trinkets as having value. They can loan these trinkets out and have the people and corporations repay them interest with real wealth that was earned and created by work, not silly incantations on paper trinkets, for the people can not create the trinkets and must earn them. You don’t think you have incantations on your paper trinkets? Go ahead, pull out a dollar bill and look at the back. See the pyramid? How many pyramids have you seen in America? This is a symbol of the word magicians, a talisman in their magical hex. There is much written on this subject, and a simple Google search or You Tube search of “Pyramid on the dollar” will turn up a lot, but to sum it up quickly, the words around the pyramid say “the year begins” at the top and “new world order” at the bottom. The term “new world order” is being tossed around by those in leadership rolls across the globe now. America was “the new world” when it was discovered, and the word magicians hijacked it from the beginning to bring the world into a one world banking system, for this is their magic base. A one world religion and one world government would be a benefit, but not as important.

The bottom line is, if you had this power, and had unlimited “trinkets”, how many politicians could you buy? Mayer Amshell Rothschild said “Give me power to print a nation’s money, and I care not who makes it’s laws”. Today, for the most part, THEY don’t even have the expense of printing, moving and storing these paper trinkets, for it all exists as 1’s and 0’s in a computer data base. If you had this power, how many foreign countries’ leaders could you influence if not out right buy?

Now there is not a banker in the world that will loan a corporation or individual money without collateral. This corp USofA, being manipulated by it’s bankruptcy receivers, created the bond scheme to create collateral to make the loans. You see dear friend, you are chattel put up as collateral for the national debt! Before the 14th amendment, there was no such thing as a “US Citizen”. That amendment enslaved us all by tricking us into believing we were “citizens” and thus this amendment made us responsible for the national debt! That damn word magic!

Back to the types of law for a moment. What we have here in the USofA is UCC or Admiralty law, that is disguised to look and feel like Civil law. There is a great deal of information in this vein, but suffice for this discussion to say that things are not what they seem. This is another way that the word magicians work their magic. The judges regularly subvert the Constitution, and now instead of actual laws being taught, it is the judges decisions that become precedent and now most lawyers practice precedent law. Now it makes no matter what bill that Congress passes that it didn’t read, because the judge will “interpret” it from Legalese to English the way he sees it, and that now becomes the precedent!

We use words daily and not really understand what we are committing to by using them such as “person”, “resident”, and “taxpayer”. These words’ true definitions are cleverly hidden deep in the codes of the corporation. By using these words to identify yourself, you are submitting to the system, and accepting your debt. Myself, I am a free man, ON the land. I do not live IN Louisiana, I live ON Louisiana. I am not an employee of the Federal Government and as such, I am not held liable for any of it’s “codes”, “acts” or “regulations” for these are only applicable to the employees of the corporation. This is the fundamental thought process for the sovereign movement. The movement that Homeland Security has recently deemed as terrorists. Any threat to “THEIR” word magic, is terrorizing to them, and thus we are now “terrorists”.

Their magic goes deep and is intrusive into everything you were ever taught. This rant has gone on long enough, but I hope I gave you a small insight into what you need to learn more about. People talk of “conspiracy theories”, but with every crime committed, there was a conspiracy before hand. How many times have you heard the charges filed against someone on the news and one of the charges was “conspiracy to commit….”. The media, school system, and the general public put down these “theories” as originating from insane people, but look deeply and you will see, just another trick of the word magicians to defend themselves from one who sees them for what they are.

The Practical Madman

Mad? Mad you say??? I’m FURIOUS!!!!

(Editor’s 2nd Note: I guess I wasn’t too far off using ‘moo’ as a term for sheeples. The following article was posted on Politico after I posted Madman’s essay.)

Co-chair of Obama debt panel under fire for remarks

NEW YORK ( — An advocacy group is calling for the ouster of former Sen. Alan Simpson, the co-chairman of President Obama’s bipartisan debt commission, who described Social Security as a “milk cow with 310 million tits!” in an email.

Why Does Obama Have Two Companies Incorporated In The UK?

Why Does Obama Have Two Companies Incorporated In The UK?

A growing number of the American public is learning that on 2.21.1871, Congress passed the Act of 1871 establishing a separate government for the District of Columbia; a corporation which has subverted the original Constitution, (check out the video at the end of this post).  This is what the Restore America Plan has been all about; undoing 139 years of treason against American Sovereigns.  (3…2…1…the site implodes again…)

United States Code, Title 28, 3002:

(15) “United States” means—

(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.

I received a very interesting email that showed, among other items, that Barack Obama has two companies incorporated in his name in the UK according to Alfred Adask (his post below).  How many Barack Obamas exist in the world? Do any Monster readers in England want to do some digging?  Is this how the revenue is redistributed to the Queen and the international banksters?

(Click on the photos to go to the UK company listing.)

Incorporated November 10, 2008 (The same day he and Michelle went to the White House to meet the Bushes)


Is The Smear Campaign Of The Restore America Plan Beginning?

Is The Smear Campaign Of The Restore America Plan Beginning?

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Ghandi

ABC affiliate, Denver Channel 7News has used, what can only be described as, inflammatory footage of a Restore America Plan supporter and linked it to the Guardians of the Free Republics.

YouTuber, Jonah70757 is shown with an AR15 in footage from Channel 7 News here, (hurry before they yank the video), with a title graphic “Guardians of the free republics supporter”.  Is it possible that the inference is that somehow Jonah is a crazy extremist willing to use violence to make the plan happen as put forward by the feds through the FBI (see NY Times story below)?  Listen to Jonah’s response on the video and decide for yourselves.

Many have been wondering if the Restore America Plan is real. To be honest, I still have doubts, but I am beginning to think that this government-labeled, ‘extremist group’ may just have a leg to stand on when I watch the feds, through their media lackeys, try to control the story and then attempt to put the genie back in the bottle through a visual smear campaign linking regular Americans who own guns with the Guardians. Does being an American who owns guns and supports the plan make one a violent extremist?  Apparently so, as does reading the Constitution, breathing, and tying your shoes according to Janet and the other Janet.

From the NY Times (4.2.2010).

Governors Receive Threats From Extremist Group

Federal officials said that at least 30 governors received the threatening letters this week. State officials in Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Utah and Virginia said they were examining the letters. Officials in several states said security for governors had been increased.

On its Web site,, the Guardians of the Free Republics sets forth a plan to “restore America.” It describes the plan as “a bold achievable strategy for behind-the-scenes peaceful reconstruction of the de jure institutions of government without controversy, violence or civil war.” (emphasis mine)

The federal government told state police officials that the group could provoke violence by others because its members “advocate for their views through the use, support or facilitation of violence or illegal conduct.” (emphasis mine)

Oh really?  I have yet to speak with a member or a supporter that believes we should march into DC with guns, and the fed’s statement is directly contradicted by the Guardians statement “…without controversy, violence, or civil war.”

I would really like to know when the FBI is going to start doing their jobs and follow the money trail of the $9 Trillion that the Federal Reserve “lost”, and the revenue stream Obamacare has created with no product to show for it.

Once again, anyone that supports the Constitution and the de jure government that it created is labeled an extremist by the corporate government now in place.  The left and the right should be together on this issue.

I have contacted  Jonah70757, and am waiting a response.

Below is the ‘threatening’ letter that the governors are receiving, and an update from one of the Guardians, Sam Kennedy.

Letter To The Governors: Declaration

Restore America Plan – Sam Kennedy 3/3/10 Status (Should actually be 4/3/10)

To the blessed listeners of TAKE NO PRISONERS worldwide,

Well, I guess we got their attention this time.

As you probably know, The Restore America Plan has made the mainstream media including the lead story on the Fox News Network’s 6 o clock news (Special Report with Bret Baier), CNN MSN, NBC and ABC.  Reporters around the country are angling for information, and the worst they can say is: The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are not aware of any immediate or credible threats of violence as part of this group’s plan.  Big story there.  The FBI has been in the field most courteously around the country and we have opened many new channels of communication.   I made a surprise drop-in visit yesterday to a local FBI interview of a grand juror and had the pleasure of sharing information from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and furthering our lines of communication.  All in a day’s work for those of us who are committed to freeing our children before the world degrades into economic and political Armageddon.

I have a big surprise for our listeners tomorrow night (Sunday, April 3) on TAKE NO PRISONERS (8 PM ET, Republic Broadcasting Network).  It’s not something I can just summarize here, but I can promise an immensely enjoyable and satisfying experience especially for members of the Guardians of the Free Republics, our enormous global audience, and the many new listeners we expect to be tuning in across the country.  I invite everyone to join me.

I will also have the pleasure of sharing some of the more substantive elements of my interview of the FBI agent and State officer yesterday.  I consider every opportunity to commune with an attorney, judge, prosecutor, law enforcement or bureaucrat a blessing from the Lord.

And finally, I will share some of the truth of the world around us of which new listeners may not be aware.  For instance, I will have the pleasure of showing you the actual source of the 700B “bailout” funds.

TAKE NO PRISONERS can be heard on FM and shortwave stations around the world, and on the internet via Shoutcast or directly through the network website at:

every Sunday night on the unique voice of freedom, the Republic Broadcasting Network at 8 PM ET, 7 PM CT, 6 PM MT and 5 PM PT.  Hope to see you then.

Thank you for reading and would you kindly consider CIRCULATING THIS EMAIL FAR AND WIDE?

Peace and Grace to all,

Sam Kennedy

Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:52 PM

(H/T CH for the status update)

Restore America Plan Surfaces In The MSM (UPDATED)

Restore America Plan Surfaces In The MSM (UPDATED)

The Monster has been reading reports of the Restore America Plan being put into motion by the Guardians of the Free Republics for more than a week now.  After years of watching patriotic Americans attempt to increase liberty (i.e. follow the mandates of the Constitution) only to be thwarted by corrupt government officials, the Fed and the Media, many (including myself) have adopted the wait and see approach.  I personally thought that this was either a trap or a hoax to further demoralize the American populace.  Since biased reports are starting to surface in the lame stream media, there may actually be something to the plan, and I felt my readers should be aware of what is happening behind the scenes.

From all reports, the Guardians have delivered the packets to all the governors and the Supreme Court.  Information is sketchy at best, so I’m still waiting to see what happens next.

For those not aware of the Guardians or the Restore America Plan, the issue appears to be de facto vs. de jure government.  The ‘guardians’ have stated that the plan originated with the military and is being backed by the military.  At this point in the country’s political story, who knows what is true and what isn’t anymore?  What I do know for sure is that the Federal Government is referred to as the “Corporation” in legal documents, and many of the points raised by the Guardians are in fact true after reading thousands of pages of research into the logistics of who was governing what during the Civil War, and after the Federal Reserve was established.

From the Guardians’ site:

The Restore America Plan is a bold achievable strategy for behind-the-scenes peaceful reconstruction of the de jure institutions of government without controversy, violence or civil war. After consultation with high ranking members of the United States armed forces, the Plan is in the process of assembling the Guardians of the Free Republics and reinhabiting the De jure Grand Juries to:

* Restore and reinhabit the de jure institutions of lawful government.
* Terminate illicit corporations posing as legitimate governments, in particular the territorial jurisdiction United States Federal Corporation (corp. ref. 28 U.S.C. 3002) posing as the de jure United States of America.
* Terminate all presumed powers of attorney to such corporations.
* End the foreclosure nightmare (for borrowing against one’s own credit).
* End tax prosecutions for resisting the transfer of private wealth to foreign banking cartels such as I.R.S. (former Puerto Rico Bureau of Taxation).
* End street assaults against the sovereign People for failing to exhibit a State-issued confession of subject-class citizenship.
* End all prosecutions which lack an injured party.
* End admiralty prosecutions for kidnapping and other heinous crimes against mankind as “commercial crimes” against the corporate State under a contrived corporate color-of-law venue (corp. ref. 27 C.F.R. 72.11).
* Terminate the intrusion of corporations posing as the state into every aspect of the People’s lives.
* End the use of covert contracts such as Form 1040, car registrations, birth certificate applications, and bank signature cards which confess the signer to be a legal fiction subject of the United States Federal Corporation (“U.S. person”) that has waved his/her rights in favor of state-issued privileges.
* End the use of deeds which classify the People as “tenants” on their own land, thereby transferring control to incorporated County registrars and tax assessors.
* End the perversion of marriage into a commercial system of state-issued privileges through the so-called “marriage license” whereby incorporated “courts” presume the “right” to trespass on families and kidnap children.
* End the hijacking of automobile ownership through DMV registrations which covertly exchange the divine rights of travel and ownership for the state-issued “privileges” of “driving” and “title.”
* In place of all of the above, substitute sovereign identification, diplomatic immunity and sovereign passports to facilitate safe passage throughout the world free from corporate State molestation and terror.
* Restore the People’s money and wealth from the banking institutions, war profiteers, and international loan sharks.
* Instantly vest all mortgages, auto loans and personal business loans “issued” by members of the Fed. The state shall hold no paper on, or debts against, the sovereign People, directly or through its agencies and licensed banking institutions.
* Instantly end all non-consensual and unlawful taxation including all taxes on the sacred rights of labor and privacy.
* Empower and inspire the sovereign People to righteousness through such renewed abundance.
* Issue orders to the military and police powers to enforce the Peoples’ divine rights of birth.
* Reabsorb all de facto actors into lawful de jure capacity.
* End the perverse act of requiring the People to pray to “courts” as is now required under corporate rules and traditions.
* Restore the de jure judicial institutions including the district court of the United States and the one supreme Court.
* Quietly mirror the strategies of 1933 thereby using their (our) institutions, military and public officials to undo eighty years of subterfuge without provoking alarm, controversy or armed conflict.
* Return the military and law enforcement institutions to proper and lawful de jure sovereign authority from the clutches of corporate actors.
* Forgive all corporate actors who repent for their State-sponsored crimes against mankind. Remove the recidivists from office.
* Do all of the above, and more, peacefully, discreetly, quietly and honorably, behind the scenes, without public proclamations or provocative actions against a general public that is mostly unaware of the hijacking of their free de jure American republics, and their hapless media.

Now we arrive at the lame stream media.  After reading the following stories from the government’s media minions, I know we are watching the TPTB trying to control a story that appears to be bigger than Maddoff’s ponzi scheme.  Hopefully, it will break as more and more Americans have woken from their slumber after $14 Trillion of American Wealth has been siphoned from our legacies.

To put this into perspective, the FBI arrested the Hutaree militia members last week for planning on overthrowing the government, but are only giving ‘lip service’ to a group that is trying to restore the American Constitution and boot the entire ‘Corporation’?  What’s the rule? – Half truths are better than a news blackout.

From InfoWars:

Editor’s note: Guardians of the Free Republic is a non-violent organization that calls for an end to home foreclosures, an end to tax prosecutions, restoration of de jure governance, restoration of common law, an end to automobile ownership through DMV registrations, and return military and law enforcement institutions to proper and lawful de jure sovereign authority. No wonder the FBI and Homeland Security consider them “extremist.”

From the Las Vegas Sun:

FBI: Extremist group sent letter demanding Gibbons resign

The FBI confirmed today that it sent an advisory to Nevada and other states notifying authorities of an extremist group’s demand to remove governors from office, but said federal officials did not believe the group was an “immediate or credible” threat of violence.

Stricter security measures were put in place in the Nevada Capitol this week after police received a letter addressed to Gov. Jim Gibbons, telling him to resign his office. It made a reference to “commandeering” the office if Gibbons declined.

“The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are not aware of any immediate or credible threats of violence as part of this group’s plan,” said FBI special agent Joseph Dickey. (emphasis mine)

Dickey described the group behind the letter as a “sovereign citizen extremist group.” He said individuals in the group reject all forms of government authority – paying taxes and obeying state and federal laws.

Gail Powell, spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Public Safety, said security at the Capitol will continue at its current, higher level.

A source said the group that sent the letter identified themselves as Guardians of the Free Republics. According to the group’s Web site , it advocates a “bold achievable strategy for behind-the-scenes peaceful reconstruction of the de jure institutions of government without controversy, violence or civil war.”

FBI: Anti-Government Group’s Call to Remove Governors Could Encourage Violence

WASHINGTON — The FBI is warning police across the country that an anti-government group’s call to remove governors from office could provoke violence by others.

A group that calls itself the Guardians of the free Republics wants to “restore America” by peacefully dismantling parts of the government, according to its Web site.

As of Wednesday, more than 30 governors had received letters saying if they don’t leave office within three days they will be removed, according to an internal intelligence note by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The note was obtained by The Associated Press.

Investigators do not see threats of violence in the group’s message, but fear the broad call for removing top state officials could lead others to act out violently. (emphasis mine)

Alinsky tactic: ‘freeze the target and polarize them.’

Governors whose offices reported receiving the letters included Democrats Jennifer Granholm of Michigan and Chet Culver of Iowa, and Republicans Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Jim Gibbons of Nevada.

Screening machines for visitors and packages were added to the main entrance to the Nevada Capitol as a precaution after Gibbons received one of the letters.

“We’re not really overly concerned, but at the same time we don’t want to sit back and do nothing and regret it,” Deputy Chief of Staff Lynn Hettrick said.

“Not overly concerned…”, but people who read the Constitution are right-wing domestic terrorists, huh?

Granholm spokeswoman Liz Boyd said federal authorities had alerted the governor that such a letter might be coming, and it arrived Monday or Tuesday. Boyd, who described the letter as “non-threatening,” said it was opened by a staffer and immediately turned over to the Michigan State Police.

Jindal’s office confirmed the governor had received a letter from the Guardians of the free Republics and directed all further questions to the Louisiana State Police.

“They called us as they do for any letter that’s out of the norm,” said Lt. Doug Cain, a state police spokesman.

He declined to provide specifics about the letter, but said, “not knowing the group and the information contained in the letter warranted state police to review it.” Cain said the letter has gone to numerous governors across the country.

The FBI warning comes at a time of heightened attention to far-right extremist groups after the arrest of nine Christian militia members last weekend accused of plotting violence.

And why has the FBI NOT arrested the guardians?  Would that bring too much of a spotlight on WHY this has come to be, and what Obama is actually doing right now?

In explaining the letters sent to the governors, the intelligence note says officials have no specific knowledge of plans to use violence, but they caution police to be aware in case other individuals interpret the letters “as a justification for violence or other criminal actions.”

The FBI associated the letter with “sovereign citizens,” most of whom believe they are free from all duties of a U.S. citizen, like paying taxes or needing a government license to drive. A small number of these people are armed and resort to violence, according to the intelligence report.

So are the armed people part of the Guardians’ group of just ‘sovereign citizens’ that have nothing to do with the packets being delivered.  Which one is it?  Once again, if it is the Guardians, why aren’t they in custody?

Last weekend, the FBI conducted raids on suspected members of a Christian militia in the Midwest that was allegedly planning to kill police officers. In the past year, federal agents have seen an increase in “chatter” from an array of domestic extremist groups, which can include radical self-styled militias, white separatists or extreme civil libertarians and sovereign citizens.

For those interested in watching the updates of the plan, go here, just keep a discerning eye cast as some of the information is rather eye-opening.

The Declaration page and attached documents for the Restore America Plan can be found here.

What appears to be a sample of the declaration pages is below.  I have not been able to verify this copy or find a documented copy as of this writing.

Restore America Plan Declaration Pages


Every wonder if there is a connection? Just follow the money and the banking cartel’s bottom line.

Board Of Governors Of The Federal Reserve System to have “Expedited Procedures” closed door meeting Monday morning about advance and discount rates.

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And then there is this from MarketTicker: The Fed Admits To Breaking The Law

Anybody else think that about 95% of the population knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have been taken for a ride and at some point we are required by our birthright to do something about it?

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