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A Research Mission

Remember the post I put up about a close advisor to the president and a certain foundation back on September 3, 2009?  That post seems to have hit a nerve since the youtube video of  people asking to be delivered by bambi. I think you all know who I am talking about - if not, drop me a comment. Here's the mission; I need help researching "the second wife" and the "pray to obama" people because I have had some rather interest visitors this morning, and considering the importance of these visitors, we have hit a nerve. For those of…
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A Shout Out To Monster Readers!!!!

Quite a few bloggers write posts about landmark moments that occur with their blogs, and also have weekly roundups of stories they have posted.  This particular post was inspired by Sistah Mary Ellen of Bad Habit, who just jump-started her blog this week (go visit), and was pointing out on Shtuey's Oh..My Valve! how bloggers  are not hearing each other: Everyone "says" they want to have a discussion, but a discussion can't come about when each person is so entrenched in their own views and not open to hear or even consider the views of others. People who seemed to…
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