Gov. Jan Brewer To The pResident (VIDEO MESSAGE)

Warning signs 80 miles from the border and just 30 miles from the city limits of Phoenix.

Gov. Jan Brewer has yet another message for Barry Soetoro who did not send the troops, he had signs put up instead.

In the real world which we live in, this is considered an invasion, not trespassing.   WE WILL remember the names of the congressmen and senators that do not stand up and start impeachment proceedings against the poser in the White House that has continued to show his true anti-American views through his refusal (by inaction) to stop the invasion of Mexican Drug Cartels into America, AND his nonchalant manner when it comes to the handling of the worst environmental disaster which is continuing to decimate the Gulf of Mexico and cause the deaths of Americans in the gulf states.

This administration in every appointment, deed, and inaction, has shown in clarity their commitment to dismantling America as a free nation, and if the Republicans continue to just “attempt to stop his agenda” by reacting like victims instead of proactively using their congressional legislative powers, we will know who you stand with.  Democrats who still have a soul who do not stand with their Republican brethren on this issue will be facing something greater than a tough re-election fight.

What, IN GOD’S NAME, are you waiting for?  November? An even bigger disaster?  North Korea annexing Hawaii?  WHAT?

Right Here, Right Now is NOT politics as usual.  This is NOT another Carter administration.  This is a beast of a totally different stripe.

The history books will record that you did nothing, did not stand up, did not lead, whined and cowered in the corner, broke your oath, did not PROTECT the American people, and allowed the destruction of the Constitution and the American way of life.  WE WILL not let our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren ever forget YOUR history.

Managing the decline may be good enough for you; it is not what we deserve or what we will accept.

Average Americans don’t realize the globalist plans the District of Criminals have for this nation, but we do know that MOST AMERICANS are patriotic sovereign conservatives and we will not stand by while OUR country is taken under by Barack and his merry set of fascist goons whom you allowed into our White House.

Join us!

Republican Charles Djou Wins Democrat Held Seat (UPDATED: VIDEO)

Republican Charles Djou Wins Democrat Held Seat (UPDATED: VIDEO)

(Editor’s Note: The news station cut off Charles Djou’s victory speech.)

Charles Djou has just taken a decades long held seat away from the democrats in Oahu’s 1st District, and you know what I am hearing? …crickets…

Djou wins special election for Congress

Republican Charles Djou emerged victorious tonight in the special election to fill Hawaii’s vacancy in Congress, giving Hawaii it’s first GOP member of Congress in 20 years.

Djou won the special mail-in election with 39.5 percent of the vote in the first printout, released at 6 p.m.

The first printout represented nearly all of the 170,312 returned by voters in the district, which stretches from Waikiki and downtown to Mililani.

Democrat Colleen Hanabusa was second at 30.8 percent, with Democrat Ed Case third at 27.6 percent.

“This is a momentous day,” Djou told a jubilant crowd at state party headquarters. “We have sent a message to the United States Congress. We have sent a message to the ex-governors. We have sent a message to the national Democrats! We have sent a message to the machine.

“We have told them that we will not stand idly by as our great nation is overburdened by too much taxes, too much debt and too much wasteful spending.”

Djou is Hawaii’s first GOP member of Congress since Pat Saiki, who represented the party from 1987 to 1991.

Better not tell the unwashed masses they just had another great victory.  If and when some type of video surfaces, (remember ‘the Scott heard round the world’), I’ll post it.

AYFKM? Republicans Have A Problem Opposing Kagan?

AYFKM? Republicans Have A Problem Opposing Kagan?

Where is the conundrum?


That is the beginning and the end of the conversation.

AYFKM?  Given this rational, I should be a shoe-in for the chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs because I have worked for former military, or maybe the President and Leader of the Free World because I have been following politics for decades and have actually read the Constitution.

I’m not saying this lawyer isn’t talented, but she absolutely does not have the PROPER credentials to be appointed to the highest COURT in the land as a JUSTICE for the rest of her life.  AYFKM?  (On a completely related note, you might want to check out Snark’s best today; Mullah Omar Captured, Named to Supreme Court)

GOP faces Kagan conundrum

President Barack Obama’s nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court gives Republicans little ammunition in an election year.

While providing a tempting opportunity to rally conservative voters and raise money ahead of the midterm elections, seven Republicans, including Senate GOP Whip Jon Kyl (Ariz.), voted to confirm Kagan as solicitor general just last year.

Many Republicans also are philosophically opposed to filibustering judicial nominees.

Now Obama Wants The Cameras On Healthcare…AYFKM?

Now Obama Wants The Cameras On Healthcare…AYFKM?

Oh it’s much too late for that.  If this is Bambi’s version of making the republicans look bad while he forces socialized medicine down our throats, he has another thing comin’.  Maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t realize that there are millions of us standing behind the true conservatives in Congress.

Remember folks, nothing gets passed by the progressives in the House or Senate until we flip this congress in 270 days.

White House announces televised health meet

President Barack Obama is planning to host a televised meeting with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders on health care reform.

The Feb. 25 meeting is an attempt to reach across the aisle but not a signal that the president plans to start over, as Republicans have demanded, a White House official said.

“I want to come back [after the Presidents Day congressional recess] and have a large meeting — Republicans and Democrats — to go through, systematically, all the best ideas that are out there and move it forward,” Obama said in an interview with Katie Couric during CBS’s Super Bowl pre-game show Sunday.

Obama said he wants to “look at the Republican ideas that are out there.”

“If we can go, step by step, through a series of these issues and arrive at some agreements, then, procedurally, there’s no reason why we can’t do it a lot faster the process took last year,” he said.

In a statement, the official said, “What the president will not do is let this moment slip away. He hopes to have Republican support in doing so — but he is going to move forward on health reform.”

The energizer bunny-in-charge is still hellbent on telling us how it’s going to be….

Watch CBS News Videos Online

(As an aside, Bambi is looking pretty beat up compared to last year…)

Lib Talk Radio: Republicans Behind Detroit Terrorist Attack

Lib Talk Radio: Republicans Behind Detroit Terrorist Attack


Mike Malloy (formerly of CNN – and you know it’s bad when CNN does not want you anymore), is putting forth the idea that powerful republicans who want to make Obama look bad staged the Underwear Bomber on Delta Flight 253 on Christmas Day.

From Radio Equalizer:


MALLOY (05:05): Now, the inquiry, the questions are being raised as to whether or not this is not a deliberate attempt to embarrass… ah, that’s not quite a strong enough word, but let’s start there, embarrass the Obama Administration – that there are forces at work in this country, and I believe this as surely as I put on my right shoe before my left – that there are forces alive who are very active, very wealthy in this country, at work in this country that want Obama to fail no matter what and the idea of killing 200 to 300 people on a jetliner in order to make the point is nothing. It means nothing.

We kill that many in a week in our adventures around the world in places where we’re bombing where we shouldn’t even be. So, apparently, there’s some investigation, I don’t know who’s going to do the investigating, lot of questions to be answered.

My gut feeling is this was deliberate, this was deliberately done in order to put the Obama Administration in such a vice grip, that it’s impossible to get anything done, to raise so much fear, this is what Republicans do, this is what they do…

UPDATE: Mike Malloy and Keith Olbermann, two peas in a pod! Bush, Republicans, the CIA, all have conspired to bring down Obama via plane bombings.

Since we can no longer trust our government to do the right thing, many believe that this attack was staged, but not for the reason Mr. Malloy is espousing. I think it’s more along the lines of getting public support behind invading Yemen.

Obama? Americans Are So Past Fear!

Obama? Americans Are So Past Fear!

What Washington Thinks Americans Look Like

What Washington Thinks Americans Look Like

I suppose Barry feels comfortable saying this because he really does think that we are all sheep that can be herded.  That was so 2007, Barry.  This is 2009, we are awake, and we are so very, very angry with you, your cronies, and your democratic controlled congress.

Obama to GOP: ‘Stop trying to frighten the American people’

EXCUSE ME?  The only thing scaring us about the Republicans is their spineless ‘go-along to get-along’ with you!  When are the Republicans going to just walk off the floor, and say, “Enough is Enough!”?  We know that you are just going to pass whatever you want anyway – you have the votes.

President Barack Obama told House Republican leaders to “stop trying to frighten the American people” even as he and Democrats said they see a possibility for bipartisan cooperation on job creation legislation.

They see a POSSIBILITY?  AYFKM?  Stop lying.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters that Obama made the admonition during a bipartisan meeting at the White House on Wednesday, producing a chart to show Republicans that “things are a lot better.”

Wow, when do the fingerpaints come out?  I am so sick of politicians talking down to us.  We are the ones that are footing the bill while we are unemployed, underemployed, skipping meals, and visiting food banks while you jet off to Norway to pick up your million dollar check for “being present”.

Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said there was broad agreement on their side of the aisle about how to create jobs by aiding small businesses and boosting infrastructure spending. Pelosi said she thinks on those issues, “it’s possible for us to find some common, bipartisan ground.”

Lying SoS.  This is THE Barry, Harry, and Nancy show, and DON’T YOU FORGET IT!

But moments later, Republicans made it clear that they want to see a “spending freeze” and a “no-cost” jobs plan that consists largely of tax cuts.

Imagine that?  Give average Americans who either own small businesses or are employed BY small businesses some cash to start rebuilding.  Nope, can’t do that.  The average congressional democrat has been infected with the Olympic sized, Congressional version of going out and buying the biggest flat screen TV one can find while one hasn’t paid the mortgage for 12 months.  Am I missing anything with that analogy?

“We can’t keep spending money we don’t have,” House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) pushed back on Obama’s request for an end to Republicans’ scare tactics by saying that Obama’s policies have led to a hiring freeze, and the GOP is simply telling constituents what is happening.

The GOP isn’t telling us sh*t; we are telling them and have been informing all our “elected leaders” what’s what for well over a year now!  Where do you think all the tidbits on these bills are coming from?

“[E]mployers are sitting there and they’re frozen because they don’t know what’s really going to happen here,” Boehner said. “And the president wants to blame us for informing the American people about what’s happening here and how it will affect them, but it’s not what we’re doing; it’s the policies that they’re promoting here in Washington.”

Barry, we have a message for you.  You and your aides need to put down the Saul Alinsky handbook and start actually

What An Average American Looks Like Now

What An Average American Looks Like Now

doing the work of a free market, capitalist country.  The polls show how p*ssed we are, and as Pat Caddell said yesterday, Americans are coming for you.

They don’t care.  They don’t think they have to. They think that the American people are sheep that they can run over, and that’s the issue that is gonna get tested in 2010.  They have nothing but contempt for the very people that they are supposed to represent in the greatest nation on earth.

71% of Americans are angry at the federal government.  46% of Americans are VERY ANGRY at the federal government!  Fear is sooooo last year.

Here is your wake up call Barry.  You don’t have jack or sh*t without a democratic and/or rino congress to push your agenda.

RCP Poll Averages

RCP Average
Approve 27.0    Disapprove 64.3
RCP Average
Right Direction 34.5   Wrong Track 59.5
O’Reilly Drives The Monster Over The Edge Again!

O’Reilly Drives The Monster Over The Edge Again!

My readers know that I think that Bill O’Reilly is a closet leg tingler going way back, that he drives me freakin’ crazy, and today, I almost threw something at the TV again during his talking points because of this comment:

To say that a tea party or a bull moose party or whatever should not be established because it would help a sitting liberal president is anti-democratic.  We need more choices in America because the same old, same old is not working.  So three cheers for three parties.  Whatever the new party is called, it can’t do any worse than the old parties, can it?


Obama’s Purge Starts

My, my, my, what a day already….is this still America or Hitler 2.0?  I’m feeling a b**chslap coming.  Obama loves being the international rock star so much, I hope he stays in China, and keeps Joe and Nancy close by.

Rush: Obama’s purging Republicans from the Civil Service

From RedState:

Obama Administration Intends to Purge Republicans From the Civil Service

Via Instapundit comes word that the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) intends to purge the federal government of Republican civil servants all in the name of purify the federal bureaucracy.

You can read the OPM memo here.

It is a typical Washington process that many political appointees are able to take jobs within the civil service once their political appointment expires — usually at the conclusion of one administration. What often happens as well is Congressional staffers, before an election or shortly thereafter, will move over to the Executive Branch placed into the civil service, in effect, by appointment.

So, for example, when George Bush became President in 2001, a number of Clinton political appointees became civil service employees. As a result, they became subject to civil service hiring and firing rules, which meant they could no longer be replaced simply for having been a Democratic appointee.

Barack Obama is changing that. He intends to purge all Republicans from the federal bureaucracy retroactive to five years ago.

Under his new rules, made retroactive for five years, the Office of Personnel Management will examine civil service employees who got their start as political appointees in the Bush administration and terminate those employees. The order is retroactive to 2004, that moment when a number of Republican congressional staffers and others sought to embed into the second Bush administration right after the election.

According to John Berry, the Director of OPM:

Beginning January 1, 2010, agencies must seek prior approval from OPM before they can appoint a current or recent political appointee to a competitive or non-political excepted service position at any level under the provisions of title 5, United States Code. OPM will review these proposed appointments to ensure they comply with merit system principles and applicable civil service laws. I have delegated decisionmaking authority over these matters to career Senior Executives at OPM to avoid any hint of political influence.

The Real Impact Of The Stimulus Bill: Job Losses

The Real Impact Of The Stimulus Bill: Job Losses

The Committee on Ways & Means (Republicans) has just come out with a compilation of the real job losses since the “save or create” stimulus bill was rammed down our throats.  Congratulations to the only state to create jobs, North Dakota, with a job creation total of 1,800 jobs.

On the bright side, all that money we gave the big banks saved quite a few jobs while destroying the small business owner and the middle class.  High Five to the White House, Rahm Emanuel, and the rest of the social collectivists among us.

Committee On Ways & Means Republicans

The Jobs Search

7 Months After Stimulus 49 of 50 States Have Lost Jobs
America Now Over 6 Million Jobs Shy of Administration’s Projections
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The table below compares the White House’s February 2009 projection of the number of jobs that would be created by the 2009 stimulus law (through the end of 2010) with the actual change in state payroll employment through September 2009 (the latest figures available).  According to the data, 49 States and the District of Columbia have lost jobs since stimulus was enacted.  Only North Dakota has seen net job creation following the February 2009 stimulus.  While President Obama claimed the result of his stimulus bill would be the creation of 3.5 million jobs, the Nation has already lost a total of 2.7 million – a difference of 6.2 million jobs.  To see how stimulus has failed your state, see the table below.

How Does One Make Money Off A Corpse?

Two of my least favorite koolaid drinkers to suffer listening thru are Bob Beckel and Ed Schulz.  As their messiah’s approval rating sinks, they become even louder, more belligerent and less rational.  What Bob and Ed fail to realize about the awakening silent majority is that we understand that both the democrats and the republicans are taxing us into oblivion; they just choose to give the recompense for our energy, creativity, and time to different parties.

I understand what this moonbat is saying, not covering high risks make the bottom line look better, but it really does not make the insurance companies money; it only saves money.

Ed, you may be able to get the dead to vote for your candidate, but they don’t pay taxes.

The party of Hell No is growing larger, and comments like the few that Ed made on Wednesday are just helping the process along.

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Republicans ‘Want to See You Dead’

“Hold it right there,” said Schultz.  “The Republicans lie. They want to see you dead. They‘d rather make money off your dead corpse. They kind of like it when that woman has cancer and they don’t have anything for her. That‘s how the insurance companies make money, by denying the coverage.”

Do I think that mandatory insurance is legal exhortation? Hell, yes!  Do I think we should be throwing the baby out with the bath water and letting the government fine and imprison us for not opting in to more legal exhortation?  Hell, NO!

Just for the record, I believe that all the insurance companies have had it all their own way for too long, but are only the republicans responsible for that?  Probably not, considering the dems have been in power pushing socialized programs over the course of the last century.  What we have here is a situation where two diametrically opposed ideologies cannot exist in the same space; socialism and capitalism.  THAT is why our country is so screwed up right now, and THAT is the endgame battle going on right now.  Which way are we going to tip?

Is Ed Schulz going to get called on the carpet for hate speech?  Nope. When it comes to the politics of division; who is playing the game.

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